SpaceX comes Through for Sea Turtles!

By Cje95 | Texas Living | 18 Feb 2021

Early this morning SpaceX traveled from its location in South Texas Boca Chica to be exact to South Padre Island. The SpaceX location is located just south of the island across the bay. It is where the are working on and launching and testing Starship.


I have personally gone to Sea Turtle Inc. a sea turtle rehabilitation and education center on South Padre Island for my whole life. With this cold spell wreaking havoc on the states electrical grid even as far down as South Padre Island is still suffering from power outages. The area down there generates lots of wind energy and the turbines are frozen in place due to the temp. 

Sea Turtle Inc had been without power for over 24 hours and was having to evacuate sea turtles from their tanks. They also have had to deal with over 2,500 sea turtles who were cold shocked and the city allowed them to use the convention center for all of the turtles! Since my last post they also have also run out of water but the power issue has been solved!


SpaceX sent over a team of engineers and other workers to install very very large generators for Sea Turtle Inc to use. They were also able to look over Sea Turtle Inc equipment and had to break the news to them it has all gotten fried with the weather. This was a huge improvement for Sea Turtle Inc and allows them to provide much much better care to the turtles that have so far washed ashore or been found floating. 

Hopefully power to the island is restored soon so that water can also be returned to the island! It’s a rough time out their for everyone involved!


Here is a link to the most recent update!

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