SpaceX: April 8th Update!

By Cje95 | Texas Living | 9 Apr 2021

Starlink Updates!

With Starlink's continued rollout and an increase in consumer interest SpaceX's President, Gwynne Shotwell addressed the idea of tiered pricing which is very common for most service companies. She was upfront with the fact that SpaceX does not anticipate doing that and personally it makes a ton of sense. With all that the company is doing why would they want to add another layer of complexity to an already complex thing. By offering a single product they allow consumers to either decide yes I want this or no I do not and that is that. With tiered, you can have people either unhappy with the speed or the quality of the service. This can cause customers to want to adjust their plans accordingly but the single service system eliminates this issue entirely. 


Further, it came to light that SpaceX is absorbing a large cost I did not think of and that would be the terminals that connect users to the service. Even with charging Beta users $499 USD, it has come out that that is only roughly a third of the cost to build them. Now the comments Elon has made previously make more sense with regards to needing to decrease price because if it was $1,500 USD to just get the terminal that would definitely be cost-prohibitive for mass adaptation like the goal of Starlink is.



Starship Updates!

As an avid following of Elon Musk on Twitter, I saw when he explained what SpaceX believes happened to Starship that led to its disintegration when returning to Earth. According to his response to a question about the event he stated, there was a small methane leak that led to a fire on Raptor engine number 2. This fire-cooked/toasted the avionic controls around it leading to an over-pressurization event of propellent that then exploded. He continued saying it was expected that the issue could be fixed and would not cause any sort of severe delays.


SpaceX is so confident that they have been able to continue with what was rumored to be in the works and they have scrapped SN12-SN14! The sections that were already at the Boca Chica launch facility were "donated" to a new nose cone stand or were repurposed into additional ground support structures! Elon is not letting anything go to waste with this! SN15 could even be arriving soon with road closures for the area starting today and tomorrow then beginning again next Monday through Tuesday! 


One thing I have been awaiting is to see with these exploded Starships Elon to somehow spin these into merchandise for diehard fans! As long as it is not a specific patterned unknown metal alloy that they have created I could see him spinning the extra chunks of metal into a wide variety of things from watch faces to signs to even paperweights! Elon Musk supporters have let it be known that they will spend crazy sums of money on all sorts of things from the flamethrowers (those were really cool I wish I had gotten one) to bricks and hats! 


Crew Dragon!

The countdown continues for the second crewed mission, Crew-2, to launch and carry a new batch of 4 astronauts to the ISS! In preparation for this the Crew-1 crew aboard the Resilience, the current ship at the ISS, detected from the commercial spaceport facing the Earth and moved the ship to the commercial spaceport facing the space side. This will allow the Crew-2 ship Endeavor to dock to the Earth-facing port upon its arrival. This was the first time the Crew Dragon had performed a maneuver like this and while it might seem to be a run-of-the-mill task in space, hundreds of miles above the Earth's surface, it is anything but! 


Interestingly enough it is about to get pretty crowded up there on the ISS. The Russian Soyuz craft currently docked to the ISS MS-17 had to perform the same maneuver in anticipation for the next Soyuz MS-18 to launch tomorrow to the ISS! The MS-17 and MS-18 teams will have a weeklong overlap before MS-17 returns to Earth on April 17. This will but a whopping 10 people up in the ISS at one time! Then not long after MS-17 returns to Earth Crew-2 will arrive and boost the number right back up to 11!


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