The Unaddressed National Guard Issue

By Cje95 | Texas Boy in a DC World | 22 Jan 2021

While the inauguration has come and gone without any issues here in the nation's capitol there is an issue that is not being addressed...


What is going on with them now? While it made sense to deploy the National Guard after the riots when they will leave has not been addressed. From what I have been able to find online it is really an open-ended "deployment". While COVID is running rampant keeping everything closed for the most part (we do get the indoor seating in restaurants back tomorrow) eventually people are going to want to know what is going on. 


I could see the Guard staying until the Capitol Building is fully repaired and some new security is worked out for it but the city is locked down as it has been being an issue. Congressional staff has been told not to report to the Congressional Office buildings till Wednesday of next week at the earliest. I have not heard any chatter from anyone about protests being expected so I would assume that they would at least draw down the number of troops. 


Hopefully, this is the beginning of a much more peaceful level headed time by both parties and that we can return to some sort of normalcy. The tribalism is a detriment to the country and to society. The time of unity and compassion is now and troops in the Capitol really do not bring that about. Especially when they are 25,000 of them which is more troops than we have in Iraq and Afganistan combined. 

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Texas Boy in a DC World
Texas Boy in a DC World

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