The Morning After: DC Capital

By Cje95 | Texas Boy in a DC World | 7 Jan 2021

Last night I wrote about what had occurred yesterday at the Capital (which if you would like to read is here). What occurred was some of the most shameful saddening things I ever imagined. Protestors I ran into getting dinner before DC closed down themselves were shocked. A couple of people at the store yelled at them to get out of the city that this was not their city. I sympathize with this old couple I saw because this was obviously apparent not what they had in mind.


My roommate who works at one of the congressional office buildings that had a bomb found behind it was extremely overwhelmed. As soon as we got back he fell asleep so I cooked dinner for him for when he got up. 

At 3 o’clock in the morning the congressional member from my home in Texas arrived at our door. While I did not comment or talk about what he did he was all over the news last night and this morning. Troy Nehls was one of the congressman who took over control of the room when the rioting broke out. Troy was the sheriff of Fort Bend County for 8 years and a constable before that. When they began to break out the glass sending it into the room he broke the leg off of a hand sanitizer dispenser with another gentleman and pushed back with that.

Below is a photo that made rounds nationally of Troy. He is the man in the blue shirt in the aisle.


Troy Nehls TX-22 US Rep


Before he had resorted to this he had asked the Capital Hill Police lady if she had an extra baton incase they came though. Because she did not he broke off this leg and told her to get behind him because he was much larger than her. The officer was happy to oblige because the people with guns were in front of them. He can be seen in photos yelling at these people and trying to talk them down. He heard the shot that killed the lady outside House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office.


I could not have been prouder of Congressman Nehls. He was willing to put his life in danger to protect others both Republicans and Democrats. To him these were all just people and this was going to solve nothing. 

Listening to him talk last night really made me think about everything. The lady who had died was a 14 year military vet who served 4 tours and then participated in this riot. I personally hope that this leads to both sides massively dialing down the rhetoric. This nation, The United States of American, needs to take time to reflect on what happened. To pray for the injured officers and pray for the leaders of both sides to come together. America can make it past this America  can heal but right now it is going to take everyone on the left and right to find common ground and unite around it.


I hope everyone reading this is safe. No one I know wants this no one I know can believe what happened. It is time as a country to unite and push forward to a better future for all.

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