New Job Means New Chaos

By Cje95 | Texas Boy in a DC World | 16 Jun 2021

Monday I started my latest internship in a different Congressional office. While I love working on the hill this office is one of the more senior members of Congress so I was a tad bit hesitant about it. The first day alone was interesting, to say the least… 


It started with roughly the whole morning trying to get my new Congressional ID since I was changing offices. First I straight up left my wallet in the office then I had to come back to the ID office when I was showing the new interns from a couple of offices around. Thinking I now that I have my wallet I could get my ID I got the Staff Assistant to come with me to get my ID only to be told that my previous office had not turned in my initial ID so I could only get a temp. Finally roughly 3 hours after this had started I tracked down my old ID and was able to exchange it and my temp for my official new ID.


Thinking the frustrations were over I logged into my computer to try and familiarize myself with the constituent software they use. Well turns out I had not been given access to it and I also hadn’t gotten the access I was supposed to for Microsoft 365 effectively leaving me useless and an object in space. After a couple of hours, I got access to everything I needed to and the Staff Assistant called it a day with how screwed up it had been.

Fast-forward to today and finally, I was able to help around. While not only did get to finally answer some phone calls but I was asked to help create new databases for the leg staff. These databases have to be constantly updated due to the high turnover on the hill that I have mentioned in a previous article. It might not be a lot but it is something and a nice start. As long as everything keeps building I should be able to really learn a lot and utilize this internship to springboard myself into a full-time position. 

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Texas Boy in a DC World
Texas Boy in a DC World

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