Increased Night Security Around the Capitol

By Cje95 | Texas Boy in a DC World | 4 Feb 2021

Today while working on the Capitol it became aware to me that there was a couple of really big votes upcoming this evening. The office I worked in received a ton of calls the last few days about both Liz Cheney and Marjorie Taylor Greene demanded action be taken one way or another in regards to the two of them and their positions. With the House Republican Party meeting to discuss what to do and Democrats threatening to move forward regardless to strip Rep. Greene from her committee roles, the Capitol has been a little stressful.


This stuck out like a sore thumb when I was leaving The Hill today. Normally the gate I walk out of has roughly 4-5 Capitol Hill PD officers and 2-3 National Guard members but that was dramatically changed. This evening there were between 12 and 15 National Guard members fully decked out in combat gear and heavily armed and only two Capitol PD officers. I can only assume that the threat level is significantly higher due to the discussions and votes that are ongoing. It would not be hard to assume Far Right people are probably leveling threats against the Capitol and thus leading to the increase in security.


I am much more concerned about what this means is in store for tomorrow. Are there threats now? Is it really safe to go to work? Are the phones going to be bringing off the hook with people going nuts over either the action or inaction taken? All I know is that tomorrow one way or another is going to be rough over all......

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Texas Boy in a DC World
Texas Boy in a DC World

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