Capitol Police do a 180 in Mere Minutes

By Cje95 | Texas Boy in a DC World | 22 Apr 2021

As someone who works on Capitol Hill in the Capitol Complex, I have really become more and more aware of the overworked and stretched to the limit Capitol Hill Police are. I think as more and more news about it all comes out people will really realize how underfunded and underprepared these individuals are. January 6th was a travesty and an embarrassment to the country and put on full display the divides in the nation. 


It also resulted in snap decisions and trauma that continues to affect both the officers and the staff that work on the hill. When the insurrection happened security was needed to be increased however it was not well thought out and quickly led to a 3-mile unscalable fence that both sides of the aisle agreed was horrible. Sadly just days after the outer perimeter was fully disassembled another attack happened though one that seems to have faded from the public eye way to fast. 


A disturbed individual drove his car into two officers and into the steel barrier before getting out and trying to attack others with a knife. One officer who was hit ended up succumbing to his injuries while the attacker was also killed by Capitol Hill PD. Initially, nothing was done but in the span of mere minutes yesterday Capitol Hill PD announced then reversed course when they announced that they were going to reinstall puts of the outermost perimeter. Both sides have attacked how the police handled this situation as even though it is not required by law neither party was informed before the decision only once it was publically announced. 


The politician pushback was the reason for this quick reversal and instead of the fence, we have had an increase in National Guard and police on the campus. The inner fence remains while the restoration work is still being done to the Capitol from January 6th. There have been talks of installing a retractable fence around the perimeter that will replace the one that currently is installed. 


This snap decision and reversal to me personally show the trauma that Capitol PD is still dealing with as they are overreacting then trying to readjust the plan instead of being able to take on a decision like I feel they typically would. Can you really blame them though? Four officers have passed away between the insurrection and the attack a couple of weeks ago. I certainly understand and I cannot say I would do differently. At this point in order to keep both their people and members of Congress safe, it is better to overreact than to underreact again....

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