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NFS Most Wanted Rival Challenge 2, Meeting new Rival



I'm here again with my dream life game, Need For Speed Most Wanted. My duty here is to climb up to the blacklist and take back my BMW e46. For the record, now my everyday car is a black BMW 46 but is a sedan. It's a nice and fun car. But that is for another story. So now I'm 15 on the blacklist, after taking out "Sonny" with Volkswagen Golf. My target now is TAZ, with Lexus IS 300. I'm still a bit short on cash, so I stir running with Chevrolet Cobalt SS.

If you bit experienced driver first rivals is not too hard to take. So I not putting any new upgrades to the Chevrolet, and saving money for the next car.

Now the drivers are more experienced, and harder to take, but I manager get to the Taz. Sharing now my race with him and cool cinematic with Mia.


Help me build my dream Fast and Furious Mitsubishi Eclipse, Become a Patreon!

You can in any way help me reach this goal, make my car the epic like Fast and Furious I will be very grateful. Just a small donation will be awesome, or just like and subscribe to my channel. I'll post the info on the way, how I building this car, and post photos and videos on the way. Your support means a lot, Let's keep Paul's spirit alive!



Not a bad way to spend 10 000 dollars

Goal to Reach 10 000 dollars

Earned 8 dollars

9 992 to remain

Thanks for all Your Help!

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Hi, as You can see I really like cars, I like to play various racing games and doing a little review of them. Variety I think that is better so You are not too bored about one racing game. Lets be fast and furious here.

Hi Publish0x from Ronis Racing
Hi Publish0x from Ronis Racing

Hi guys! This is my first post on this site, so please be nice if I do something wrong. I want to share my experience with my played racing games. I'll do a little review on the game, graphics, and my overall experience with that game.

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