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Hello car fans! this time I'm arriving at you with Lamborghini and Assetto Corsa! This racing game is big deal. It's not a quick fun racing game. Here you have to prepare yourself to drive like a pro.
 In the game, race weekend starts at two practice drives, two qualifying drives, and believe you really need those. Here you must develop all your skills and prepare for the big racing day!The hardest part in the game, and for others that can mean the interested pars is the car handling. It's made as real as possible.  Here is so easy to spin on the corners if you too soon push a gas pedal. If you vans to have better grip, you have to worm it up the tires, and believe, the difference you can really feel! And after few laps, you have to change the tires anyway, because those wear out so quickly.
 To be honest, then I'm raced and kept the car once again not to spin on the second corner I bit missed to Need for Speed Shift, easy to drive and easy to in. But here the winning is more rewarding because you really have work to it. Sharing my race day replay with Lamborghini Gallardo



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Hi, as You can see I really like cars, I like to play various racing games and doing a little review of them. Variety I think that is better so You are not too bored about one racing game. Lets be fast and furious here.

Hi Publish0x from Ronis Racing
Hi Publish0x from Ronis Racing

Hi guys! This is my first post on this site, so please be nice if I do something wrong. I want to share my experience with my played racing games. I'll do a little review on the game, graphics, and my overall experience with that game.

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