The Oneplay platform is moving to Telos!

The Oneplay platform is moving to Telos!

By Flodner | TELOS | 16 Feb 2020

Oneplay initially  decided to build  gambling platform on the EOS Mainnet as at the time they found it the best blockchain for Dapp development. However, EOS is saturated with gambling platforms and has become economically nonviable with expensive resource costs.

They have at least 3 reasons to move to Telos:

  • Performance and scalability

Telos is the brother chain of EOS, flaunting the same performance and scalability as EOS.

  • Lower cost of dApp deployment

TLOS currently trades at around 10x lower than EOS making network (CPU, NET and RAM) resources.

  • Support From Telos Foundation

We’re getting support from Telos Foundation to promote our Dapp as well as future plans to make the platform more friendly for developers/users.

Info from Oneplay medium

Basically these 3 reasons are applicable for other projects, and I heard more and more projects will join Telos 


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