Tellor Update May 5th 2022 

By Tamsay | Tellor | 12 May 2022


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GM Tellor community, welcome to another Tellor update. It's been a busy week, so let's go ahead and dive right on. In starting off with the bang, Q2 treasury's finally hit quorum this week, which sparring any malicious actors that don't want to participate in 5% interest over a 90-day lock-up period the vote ends on Monday allows for a 24-hour dispute and then TRB holders can buy the treasuries starting on Tuesday. Also exciting, today marks the beginning of EthGlobal's hack money hackathon which Tellor is sponsoring and we have a first, second and third place prize for any hackers that want to use Tellor in their project. Also, our very own oracle expert Tim did a live workshop on how to use Tellor, that I'll post in the description below. In case you missed it, we published the Tellor360 article, which kind of wraps up all the brainstorming that we've done over the past few weeks for the next evolution of the Tellor protocol. Highly recommend you give that a read if you weren't able to catch the two brainstorming sessions. This ties all the ideas together and puts it in writing on Tuesday's dev call which I'll also post in the description below. We got some updates on Algorand; a new gas price oracle Diva protocol and we were also blessed by another presentation from Tim who gives a talk on how the file coin protocol works so if that's something that interests you definitely give the dev call a watch. And then lastly if you've been following twitter at all, one man army and decentralization advocate Chris Blec has been giving some nice shout outs to Tellor in his investigation into ChainLink's multi-sig dilemma. I'll throw a link to the twitter spaces that he held down below. Our CTO Nick Fett makes an appearance but highly recommend you give that a listen and for those who are curious. Tellor also has a multi-sig but it holds less than five percent of the supply which we all know in this last Q2 treasury will not pass the vote alone. That'll do it for this week thanks for watching. Also make sure to get any questions that you have for the dev team on the google form link that I'll throw in the description below. They'll answer those questions on the call that happens every Monday that we post to YouTube. Also, if you're enjoying what you're watching feel free to show us a little love and click that subscribe button that would be much appreciated thank you for watching and we'll see you next time. 

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