Tellor Update March 25th 2022

By Tamsay | Tellor | 27 Mar 2022

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GM Tellor community! Welcome to another Tellor update!
For Algorand we've completed the build phase of our version 2 code, I'll throw a link to
the GitHub repo in the description below, but after chatting with Tally who's spearheading
that operation a cool unique feature is the reporter medianizer, which acts as a crucial
security component for the Tellor oracle over on Algorand. So, feel free to check that out
and if you have any more questions on the code itself, we, and this is a good segue, are
now having a dev community call every Monday at 10 AM eastern time, feel free to join
that call through our discord or if you don't think you can make it you can post a question
in the google form link that I'll post in the description below and they'll answer it on the
call and it will be recorded so we'll post it up on YouTube later on in the week. So, kind of
picking back up our beloved community call but with more of a technical focus to allow
our developers to really dive deep. Also, this week we officially announced that we're up
and running on Polygon, which if you're unfamiliar, it's an alternative layer one blockchain
solution popular for its compatibility with the Ethereum blockchain as well as its
extremely low gas costs. We're already working with a few users over on Polygon namely
Ricochet and Diva protocol but if you or someone you know is building a project on
Polygon that needs an oracle feel free to reach out. You can reach us at discord twitter
or even here on YouTube.
And then lastly, we've been revamping our reporter documentation, not only on the official
Tellor docs but there's even a living document being put together by the community with
the goal to make it as accessible as possible. So, if you want to help contribute to that
feel free to join our discord and dig in. Shout out to Tamsay, Bewigged Spoon and
PurpleBow for taking the initiative on that.
That does it for this week, so thanks for watching and have a great weekend.

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