Tellor Update March 18th 2022

By Tamsay | Tellor | 20 Mar 2022


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GM Tellor community! Here is another update for you. For the three networks that we're working on; we have Harmony, we just deployed our contracts on their test net, for Algorand we are still in the phase two development and for Cosmos we're still in the research phase. On the front-end development side, been working heavily on the fund to feed for the autopay contract as well as our query builders. So, this will help streamline that user experience for quickly being able to set up a feed and funding it. In business development we've been continuing our sessions with Raid Guild regarding brand strategy and our learnings from Denver. This is extremely helpful as we navigate our presence in the crypto world and our name becomes more recognizable so that we have a streamlined plan of attack. This week we also posted our revamped security 201 article. This was something that was already out in the wild but just needed some updating to reference the new structure of Tellor. Just a warning it's extremely technical so don't get disheartened if you don't understand the math equations that go into it. Essentially go through all the scenarios in which one might break Tellor and the cost involved in that and this is something we think is really important as it showcases our forethought in the design of the Tellor oracle a lot of potential users are worried about the security of their oracle so being able to lay out exactly how one might break it and the mechanisms that we put in place to disincentivize that behavior really goes a long way, especially for the developer community, so if you don't understand it don't worry about it. It's definitely a good read regardless but a good share nonetheless especially for those with the technical prowess to understand what goes on under the hood in terms of Tellor security. And then lastly Nick is out in Austin, Texas at EthAustin wrangling cattle and talking about subjectivity in oracles again. This is great exposure for us as the crowd leans more technical and nothing better than giving our CTO a mic to talk about oracle's. So, that does it for this week and we'll see you next week. Thanks for watching!

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