Tellor Developer Call July 25th 2022 

By Tamsay | Tellor | 25 Jul 2022


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360 off to audit, Deploying to Optimism, Upcoming Articles, Diva Integration /PyTelliot bugs, New DataSpecs: (ETH/USD Volatility & Defi ‘Toxicity’), Sample Reporter Fail Contract, Monitors, Telliot 


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Nick: Alright, hey everyone welcome to Tellor dev call, july 25th. Alright so what are we up to this week, the smart contracts are off for audit, so we're kind of have a little free time; like we don't have free time we're super busy so that's we have lots and lots to do. Which is kind of where we're at there's just a whole lot of things that we got to get done I'm deploying on Optimism today I had there was this whole big thing about how to actually bridge a token over on main net so I made a pull request and you have to get, they don't have trustless bridging of tokens over there yet so you have to get it approved on their front end and I'm in that process and submitted a pr so that's what I'm working on and then I'll deploy over on Optimism and get up and running. Says it should be quick so once we have the token address live so that'll be good. Also working on like a Tellor governance article I'm almost done with it I'll send that to you guys and then over on the biz dev site is there's another article about decentralizing the data specs and some other challenges for Tellor so both of those will be coming out for me and then I'm working on... we're still slightly updating autopay with, because Tim made full requests with using Tellor and Tellor playground so I got to fix some stuff with that yeah some fun stuff. Owen? How's things are going? 

Owen: Yeah so, this week I'll be finishing up the Diva at least our part of the diva integration and then also there's been some more bugs reported to Spuddy so you know hand those off to Tally and Akrem probably so get excited for that. 

Nick: Are you out at all this week? 

Owen: No, my flight's the 30th. 

Nick: Cool. Alright and Akrem? 

Akrem: Working on the eth/usd volatility I submitted using coingecko on ranki just want to add more sources before getting it reviewed, we already have crypto watch and crack and just adjust them a little bit to use them as sources for the daily data. 

Nick: Sweet yeah this is for that toxicity number I think or no no this is for no this is volatility for a 30-day good yeah stable coin cool yeah and then I guess you got some issues too so yeah sounds good there's no one here I'll take a look at that. Tim? 

Tim: Yeah so, I am working on the toxicity number and in particular getting I need to look into contracts for a couple of different protocols lending protocols and like amm protocols on polygon so yeah, I'm figuring out how to get the all the pieces that are needed for that toxicity number so that can be integrated into Telliot.  

Nick: We got another person who wants the tuxes to do number two so it's turned out to be a nice a nice selling feature. We got the ovix guys over there pushing it for us so they want the city number and to make it safe so we'll get lots of protocols which is good yes which is super cool because like ovix isn't going to use us but they're going to force other people to use us just yeah. Give him a commission it's good oh nice yeah all right. 

Tim: I guess I'll do the integration for that after I figure out how to do it but. 

Nick: Okay yeah and then we got I'll be working on updating the auto pay and then there's that sample reporter fail contract which I got to do for crypto scholar he's trying to report on main net now so I was going to try and do make almost like one branch for doing it like right now on main net and I might need some of you guys to tell it to help so like how would we going to try and make the contracts that way no changes need to be made to tell you but I guess can you change is there like a config way to do it like I want to report to main net but to a different contract address? 

Owen: Yeah and but you're going to have to like go in the code there's not like a way to just do it in the ceiling like flag. 

Nick: No okay for efficient contracts yeah so maybe we want to make one would that be hard? 

Owen: I don't know okay no guarantees that it would be easy but it could be. 

Nick: Okay cool. Spuddy you? I mean Ryan is our new front-end developer sitting with Ryan and he fixed the data feed so where is he I know yeah, I'll tell him you know yeah no but it was it was good you know sweet so all right did the dispute monitor work good no the speed monitor is still a lot but okay so we got to fix the dispute monitor so did you submit issues on that one as well? Okay so yeah I guess Akrem Tally I think you're on the dispute monitor? 

Tally: Yeah I'm on it yeah definitely submit an issue and I'll take a look or talk yeah or yeah. 

Nick: What's up Tally? 

Tally: Oh me yeah on Friday I did a lot of exploring on the monitor I got it back up oh I don't know if I pushed it to me yeah I did push it to me it's merchant's main. I basically like made it a little bit more modular so if like one piece is not working then it just doesn't completely crash. So, I think like I start to fix part of it but like the graphs are the graphs visualize but on the left side where they have like a list of values because maker dial wasn't populating. That part is empty so I need to fix that but like the dashboard should the dashboard is upright. I actually haven't checked. 

Nick: It's not up on the main net but I just enabled automatic deployments from report on so yeah that's my fault. 

Tally: No problem. 

Spuddy: The main branch of the monitor did somebody say something well you have to like want to redeploy it right if you if you clone the main branch of the monitor and fix that that doesn't fix the deployment branch that has the Tellor monitor broken code to update the dashboard. 

Tally: Oh yeah, I pushed domain I forgot that there's that the deployment setup is a little bit different. I'll take a look at that. 

Spuddy: Alright probably just you probably just push the same changes to that branch yeah probably. 

Tally: Okay and then I did a bunch of work on Telliot I have to migrate the build like the build feed cli feature that at least that just specifically the tests to testing on local node and because it was submitting to Rinkeby instead. And I'm working on the manual input snapshot that sort of goes hand in hand but I did start writing a query type for manual input and as well I wrote the query type in the data stock for the t-walk and then there's a guy chalex. Yeah, and so I'm what I'm going to do today is get some transactions sent for him for the query types and parameters that he asked for. 

Nick: Okay cool great week overall this week should be exciting too so lots of stuff to do less stuff to get out the door hopefully we can knock out a lot of this stuff from our to-do list this week and yeah if you're watching these thanks for being a good part of the community. Alright talk to everyone guys later. 


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