Tellor Developer Call July 18th 2022 

By Tamsay | Tellor | 22 Jul 2022


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Michael Feng Interview( , 360 update, Queries for CLI, DataSpec Requests, API queries, Tip Listener, Dispute Monitor/ Reporters, ADO Meeting 


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Nick: And welcome to Tellor dev call, July 18th, exciting day. Price is moving, things are grooving, finishing up Tellor 360 this week so we're sending it off to an audit it's the big thing you know my update first. Hey there's, I did an interview with Michael Fang like six months ago he finally just posted it, it's a really good one I talk a lot, they're like hummingbirds like an automated trading platform so I talk like finance with him for an hour which is, it's like different and then okay yes that's good and then 360. So, for Brenda or Tim there's a pull request in 360. If you guys want to review that that's my final pull request for that and then I just have to review auto pay I merged Tim’s and now I'm going to review it probably today and tomorrow and then we'll send it off to the auditors which is super duper exciting so for those watching sending it off to the auditors does not mean it's actually imminent that's it means the auditors are probably going to have it for a month and a half we're going to make their changes send it back to them for a week or two make their changes deploy it on test nets so I ideally like we're looking like October time frame. But we're like we're on a really good track for it so it's looking good other things yeah I think that's about it for me this week that if I can get that off my plate it'll be huge and then we'll be working on we have some exciting integrations coming up which you know we'll kind of talk about here. So, Tally what are you up to? 

Tally: Yeah, I'm working on the piece about building queries from the CLI I just changed it a bit from it all being in the cli that being the query parameters and the query type to like at least change it a bit on and on to have like a build flag and then when you pass it in you can type in as input the query type and the quarter parameters it was more it fit more for the for the design of Telliot. 

Nick: Yeah, well and then you're working on the euro usd one. 

Tally: Yeah. 

Nick: When do you think you'll have that one up by? 

Tally: End of the week. 

Nick: Okay cool well because you have that one and then we're working with dyad or d-a-y-d um the stable coin are you on top of that one too? Okay, cool make it that one you off make what a data spec pull request first for both of those there's a top number there's a twap number and then a volatility number that they need for their stable point so Tally's going to be trying to knock those ones out or give the initial implementation so they want up on Rinkeby, I think mid-august is so they're not a rush but you know we can make sure that we get those for those guys and then I think they put me as like they asked if they could call me the their oracle advisor in their pitch deck and I was like oh man I don't know about this but I think I'm an official oracle advisor there which is kind of cool. So, yeah and feel free to ask those guys questions if you need if you're are you connected with them at all or I don't know have you been reaching them on telegram they added me to some private group on telegram so if you need if you need to ask questions let me know. 

Owen: Nick you should make your title for them oracle oracle. 

Nick: Right, yeah. No, I just hope it's not like I just hope it's not some ponzi scheme and then I'm like oh god just part of some rug so but no they seem like good guys, they were actually really smart so if it is a ponzi scheme they're very very thoughtful about it so it's good Tim what are you up to? 

Tim: Yeah so, I'm starting the day with trying to parse the toxicity measure for Stator. Yeah, for those not in the know this is one of our ongoing integrations and yeah, we have to report a measure of the health of lending protocols so yeah, I'm just trying to figure out. 

Nick: Yeah so, they're like super complicated because Daniella he's the guy that made that toxicity number, he's like a phd in physics and now he does like quant research at a derivatives protocol but yeah so then he's like we need to measure the you know the exposure on lending platforms for each coin and so he made like it's like a phd style math formula for doing this and he's like this is the number we want can you guys put it on and we're like oh man maybe so we're talking with him to get that down. But it's a cool number and I mean if we're the people that put it on chain, I think it's you know we're going to be the first people to put it on chain so it could be really cool as far as like hey if you need this number tell there's a place to go so it'll be good. Anything else? 

Tim: That's the main thing for now, I don't know what to expect. 

Nick: Yeah, and then I guess just make that make that 360 pull request whenever you got it oh right look at mine, I didn't change too much which is a lot of you know kind of some of those things we were discussing last week so okay yeah Owen? 

Owen: Hey yeah so, I had to rewrite a lot of this logic for the API query since if the data type actually changed and in doing that, I discovered that the ci runs were passing even though like many tests were failing so that's great so I have to do to go in and fix a bunch of those today and then just kind of helping Tally and Akrem with their pull requests and whatnot so. 

Nick: Cool sounds good, Akrem? 

Akrem: I'm working on the pr for the tip listener that I had issues running the reporter last week so Owen helped me figure that out as a lot of naming conflicts that had to be changed so finish that up this morning probably going to pick up the issue after this call and tell everybody about it and work on those thanks and the airflow stuff worked fine all week so I'm assuming. 

Nick: That's good all right back to good on submitting for ample super cool. Alright it's Spuddy, how's things going? 

Spuddy: Great. 

Nick: Dispute monitors are up and running miners are all smooth no issues. 

Spuddy: I opened up the dispute monitor code a little bit to try to figure out a bug but it's running I'm working on blogs hey everybody the miners we haven't had any issues with the miners in a while right no they're pretty stable now that's awesome so yeah looking forward to the new version for the any Api stuff. 

Nick: And then once a crim puts the tip listener in we can get you running the new tip listener and we can start testing that one out too. 

Spuddy: Like you were saying testing like tips and disputes and stuff like that more than we're doing now. 

Nick: Yeah, try and do a few this week for sure um and then report back for us sounds good so all right yeah that's about it guys. Anything else Brenda, good? 

Brenda: I don't know if you wanted to touch on the fact that we had our first auto meeting. 

Nick: Oh yeah, the alliance of decentralized oracles that was last week since this call I don't know who watched it but a lot of you guys were there it was super good we're just going to work on as we get some free time maybe we'll ask some of you guys to review but it's just going to be we're going to do best practices for the oracles so we'll probably be helping out with that people also go over Sasha's making like a list of all the oracle attacks so I thought maybe you know you might know some too yeah so yeah we can definitely post all those and help out with that and then once we sort of get it all formalized we can move forward but good group. And then I got a few more deep dives and scheduling so it's exciting who else I'm doing UMA next. 

Spuddy: Oh nice. 

Nick: So, UMA will probably be out next week I'm hoping let me get them done and then I think I'm going to start emailing bridges too like nomad layer zero some of those those would be good.  

Spuddy: No that'll definitely do it. 

Nick: Let's see, do you have a contact with them? 

Spuddy: I do. 

Nick: All right yeah send me their contact because I mean I'm just like dming with whoever runs their twitter handle I sat next to a nomad guy like we would do nice yeah, they should be good but oracles are bridges so we'll go pull them apart see how it goes but people have really been liking them so it's been good all right that's it guys so thank you everyone for coming talk to you guys next week. 

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