Tellor Developer Call January 3rd 2023 

By Tamsay | Tellor | 6 Jan 2023


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Nick: Hey everyone Tellor DevCall January 3rd welcome to the Future we're here thanks everyone for sticking around it's been good so yeah I mean we're kicking it off we're doing some fun things so I guess this week for me I'm going to actually read your Year in review article that you guys posted. I think that would be a good start and then I'm actually so the Euler protocol if you guys saw I did a deep dive with them. They told us to go do a proposal to be one of their oracles. So they have like you can make a you can make like a there's sort of like compound type lending protocol I know I'm oversimplifying it but you can like choose your own Oracle basically in the deployments so they like automatically pick one from the front ends but it's more of like a choose your own Oracle adventure and basically they're just using like uniswap for a lot of the lower look and anything that doesn't have a chain link pool and you know for those of you that don't know uniswap V3 is a really bad Oracle to use in proof of Stake Land. It's very easily manipulated so we can go over there give some of those guys another option should be fun. So I'm going to do that this week and then yeah I'll just talk to you guys about what you doing Owen how's things going? 

Owen: Doing well I reviewed oprs left some feedback for cram song producing the number of API calls for certain prices yeah let me know if you have questions about that I also need to update the docs for the docker release process and then fix this install bug that I encountered with the latest release I just need to make sure it is something and then fix it before our next little work group thing on Thursday. 

Nick: Cool yeah for those of you guys that haven't noticed we've been doing a lot of over the past week and then we're going to be doing it more this week we're just doing like overhaul review of the documentation so whether it's on telliot it whether it's on doing solidity whether it's on just any of our user tools we're making sure that they are kind of are and just sort of leading the space as far as this is easy to use if you want to come in here and use their software you won't have you won't be begging us to just walk you through it and hold your hand you can actually figure it out. We'd be happy to hold your hand but you can also just go to the docs and it works. Which is kind of important so yeah thanks Owen, cool Tally? 

Tally: Hey I sent off the Liquity implementation so you guys can take a look at that. 

Nick: Well you didn't set it off you it's in our internally yes it's yeah so Tim if you want to take a look at that did you write any tests for it I didn't but I tested it with their tests and all the tests pass okay make sure you write like a specific Tellory test. Okay but yeah cool and oh yeah no because I you know make sure that the playground and stuff is in their tests and or you know falling properly and making sure that the required statements are tested just the standard Tellor tests we do on most functions. So anyway continue. 

Tally: Oh yeah just also in discussion with Mimicry about how they want to move forward because they have an API that hosts their algorithm their Tammy algorithm so we may just plug that in to tell you or I may keep working on it today if you think that's a good idea to like correct my python version because I think ideally we'd want like replicated in Python because it doesn't rely on their API. 

Nick: Yep yeah no I mean we we don't want to do an API Reliance like that's just it should work they they should you know so if they want to move forward you know and just starting to test which I think they're doing already that you can just use the central historical but that's yeah ideally if there's a way and it seems like there is a way to not rely on that let's make sure we do it. Cool yeah and then I have to look at your data specs pull requests on my chat GPT thing but I'll get to that I'll do that today. 

Tally: Oh yeah I also you had some feedback on the query type form so I'm going to add the like yep change them to optionals then add ask a question cool. 

Nick: Yeah all right Akrem? 

Akrem: Working on the Kadena stuff that teleplex set up an environment for devnet deployment that deployes the contracts interact with it deposit stake and so forth add instructions but I'm going to try it out on a like a droplet and then merge it to the main and then after that I'm going to work on the tail yet stuff that Owen was talking about. 

Nick: Yeah let us know whenever that's like up into hood you know we'd love to get people poking around at it telling them to go poke around at it and break it. 

Akrem: Okay yeah I guess we will let's talk about that when whenever you get a chance. 

Nick: Okay sure Tim? 

Tim: So yeah I did review Tally's Diad integration and it makes sense to me like the way it's put together right now luckily a lot of the work is done already by Liquity but yeah I agree that there does need to be a test that makes sure they can get our data which would kind of reflect the same testing we do did in like Tower 360. yeah for Liquity but yeah I can sign off on at least the implementation so far cool and then I've got I posted last week internally the packed the Kadena audit document and I was hoping I could meet with you Akrem just like really short like 10 minutes to go over that and figure out if there's any more pack specific features that should be talked about in the spec talk to fill that in and then and then also I was going to continue on the Tipping bot I didn't get to do that on Friday last week. But that's for mimicry and I guess that integration should be coming along pretty soon here live. 

Nick: Awesome yeah and Ryan? 

Ryan: Pushed out the new and improved voting page if you guys haven't checked that out already it now enables you to enter a dispute ID vote Yes or no I'm going to push out I'm going to review some final edits for the fun to feed walkthrough video and then push that out it's another Tellor School content to add the arsenal and then I want to essentially start brainstorming for the next I think we discussed some more adding parts to the sample using Tellor walkthrough. 

Nick: So I know we were going to do like a Medium article on using Tellor or something like that too you know or some article walkthroughs we were talking about we were sort of missing in some of our documentation sort of the longer form you know like how to either a video or I think like a Medium article with the commands laid out like especially you know the one that we had specifically mentioned like if you're a non-solidity developer coming in it's like right from the beginning yeah because our docs sort of assume yeah well at least a little bit of working knowledge of as far as hard hat and solidity projects go so like if you're coming from the base you know maybe having a resource to point like confused at where you are. Like click here and then something like that and I know could be helpful.  

Ryan: That's a great idea I think that would be great for me too because yeah. 

Mike: We should keep a running list of non-documentation content whether it's video or blog post I think we could decide later but just areas of the user workflow where some additional supplementary content would be useful and just keep a list of what those specific points are in the process and then we can kind of we could brainstorm on content creation after that sounds good I don't know where you want to keep that list I don't know maybe we can make a Trello list really quickly yeah when we jump into the we can talk about it when we jump into the user flow thing today the work group. 

Nick: Cool Spuddy? 

Spuddy: Yeah on that note I'm going to be working on the long form explanation of how to be a Tellor reporter would well not really how to be a Tellor reporter how to install and run Telliot for people who don't haven't done like a lot of python Dev work like it'll just have commands that you put in. Yeah at the end I'm just doing a lot of tell you it's reporting testing tipping me to claim some tips the node's working. 

Nick: All right we're up and running I think today we're going to Brenda and I'm maybe today Brenda? I don't know we're going to deploy no sustain so then you'll be able to report on actual Gnosis chain so. 

Brenda: We can do it this morning just because the workbook guys I forgot to send this last week but today and tomorrow it's the users work group from one to three and then on Thursday and Friday we will pick up again with Telliot unless Owen thinks we should push it further but that's basically the plan cool so Nick I guess I'm available all morning until one. 

Nick: So cool yeah that sounds fun Mike anything else? 

Mike: All right I'm just going down the fort here with some sick kids until the Megan will be home at noon so then I'll be much more available so if I'm quiet over the next couple hours that's why. But yeah I mentioned you guys in the founders chat that starknet wants to have a couple calls with us to move forward with us coming on board. The tldr about that is we've been talking about Stark net about coming over and just getting some support from them it's a you could probably talk more about it Nick if it's necessary but it's not as easy as porting over to like another evm but really cool project a bunch of smart guys over there and they like us and so we're beginning we're going to begin that process over the next week or so. 

Nick: Yeah who wants to write some Cairo yeah. 

Brenda: It's actually closer to it's not as bad as dot like it's it's I think it's more understandable than in fact it's bad practice it's not bad it's just it's very different yeah and Kyra's more is closer to what we're like used to so really yeah. 

Nick: Still but yeah we can and then yeah I'm going to send Owen last week he asked are there any good resources on the current state of Zero knowledge Tech I think you predicted it because the very next day epicenter dropped an episode the current state of zero knowledge technology. So I'll send that to you guys so if you go look at epicenter it's they have on Anna Rose and I forget his name I won't butcher it but yeah and they talk about it so it's really good anyway questions Ryan? 

Ryan: Anything yeah so we had some good ones in the deep questions Channel that I thought might be worth three rehashing for the Tellor Dev call crew. Tom bombadillo asked I have a question about accuracy could bad actors commit acts of bleepery by consistently reporting values that are slightly high slash low but not high low enough that anyone would be willing to risk their stake on a dispute. 

Nick: Yeah I mean so I answered this one for him and I said hell yeah they could so you know this would be like an example of where you could do this would be like an ample fourth where you could ARB a difference like if you know reported the price half a percent lower than it actually was you could actually make some money on the protocol if you could throw the value and you knew it was throwing it. Would we dispute half a percent probably not but what we would probably notice and you know we do monitor these things is like for example for AmpleForth especially like you would notice they would probably contact us and be like hey your report always seems to be the lowest or you know usually we report with chain link in their centralized one so like it seems that you guys are always coming in half a percent lower what's up and you know we would look at our code like we've actually had it happen in the past and usually it's like oh most of our reporters aren't pulling from this specific exchange we need to add in some more exchanges and usually we just talk to them and they're like oh cool we'll add in this new exchange that lists it and that number corrects it. But if it was malicious what we would probably do is just yelling at his word and say like hey be sure to update your code with the most recent exchanges and this formula we're going to start disputing you know yeah if you're half a percent lower and then. 

Spuddy: I and I think it's always there's some responsibility on the user right to be to like take ownership of like if that value is wrong you can dispute it and make a case as for why you disputed it and then you know there will be there's a voting process to slash the recorder. 

Nick: Yeah because you know you obviously need to detect it first which I think would be the harder part yeah but like you know most of the time like a lot of times it has happened in the past where like we're a little bit under a little bit over and it just has to go with like telling the reporters what actual methodology you want used yeah because you know depending on which exchanges you want in you know given price feed or you know how you're sort of calculating it just knowing and passing along that information could usually fix it so anyway. 

Spuddy: Convenient great question sorry someone say something no just a great question. 

Ryan: Oh and then there was some good discussion about your tweet thread specifically part seven I don't know if you want to elaborate on it but essentially said oracles would turn into infrastructure slash public goods with the focus on reporting unique data sources less focused on dispute resolution slash truth that will be handled by individual projects. 

Nick: Yeah I mean I think so I had done this article hopefully you guys go look at it you can probably link into some of the discussions but one of the ideas of Oracle becoming infrastructure kind of goes back to that last question you know like you could actually have a scenario where like that that half percent like they could ample forth for instance could have their own methodology for what price they want and then we could have ours and like we might not slash a person for that but they might not allow that value into their system and they could be two separate pieces you know like we could still be putting in working on getting it resolved and then they could their token holders could say well we're still not going to use that value from Tellor. Or you know they might want to own some sort of slashing another piece that I thought would be you know like one of the things that people are I think are going to do in the future is require more staking so to Tellor a decent threshold for security but especially on some of the lower chains if you know the reason that you lower trains as far as cheaper chains some of the reasons you use really cheap chains is that they're really cheap and really fast. If you want to be sub five seconds of 10 seconds with the Tellor system it's relatively cheap to Break you know it's it still costs money but you know if you want to secure 100 million dollars on something that's five seconds long like Tellor’s just not it and there's no decentralized oracles that are in it it's not our fault but one thing that you could do is you could say like hey in addition to being staked to a Tellor you also have to be staked on our protocol. You have to come and you have to stake 20 million dollars' worth of our tokens to be a reporter and then if you do that now all of a sudden now you can report really quickly and it can work because you got 20 million dollars staked. So I could see some systems starting to work more like that so we'll see but yeah because I don't know if you know the reason that we sort of had moved away from being we've moved away from being a Dao in a lot of ways we don't really like relying on voting. Getting people to vote is hard you know we don't have a whole lot of disputes in our system and the people who handle those disputes should be the project itself in a lot of cases. You want you want sort of a next a lot of times you don't want the project itself like especially if like the project itself is like five guys hold all the tokens yeah just rely on Tellor. That's probably a better bet but you know like if you actually have a decentralized DAO in your own holder and you have some sort of some nuances in what is of good or bad value it might make sense to add in your own say so I don't know if that makes sense. Great question yeah so all right anything else? 

Ryan: I think that's it. 

Nick: All right well yeah guys next week I think we'll do 2023 roadmap so the tech Road map it is so we'll whiteboard that out it'll be fun so be sure to tune in thanks everyone see you. 

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