Tellor Developer Call April 4th 2022 

By Tamsay | Tellor | 4 Apr 2022


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Topics covered in this call were: RNG, Tip listener, Telliot upgrade, Morphware, Diva, Testing on Algorand, Questions. 


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Nick: All right welcome everyone Tellor recorded dev call, week two. Fun times. All right, so we got lots and lots of stuff to do, things getting even better. Talked to the Thales guy today, another guy, they're on Optimism, so we might have to go to Optimism. They're coming over to Polygon, we'll need some exotic markets, but that's like a month or two off. That's looking good. Looking at, we also got a message from Tracer DAO, they're looking at opening up how their oracle integrates and you'll be able to select an oracle for kind of their prediction markets. So, we need somebody to do the Tracer DAO integration into their code basically they have ChainLink, and then some SMA oracle, so you can or maybe you won't make me that typo but basically, we'll have to pull that out and do a Tellor integration. Should be relatively quick, I think. Their timeline is, they're looking to do their v2 end of April starting on test net, so they got like three weeks to do an integration which is more than enough time. So, it's not that much of a wretch but hopefully we can get that done. Brenda and I have to sit on a call with whoever else want to finish deploying harmony on main-net and doing the Arbitrum stuff as well, so I think we're like halfway done. Something like that. So, it was just basically getting the native token to pay gas over on the chain takes like longer than actually deploying the contract. Which is because you have to go to exchanges and stuff like that and bridge it over, so it's a mess but we'll be doing that. And then we got, we'll send out I don't know when it's going to be yet. We're going to find out later today but we're doing a Polygon AMA tomorrow. Hopefully you guys, we're going to go in there, I don't know where it is, I think it's on, it's a twitter space. So, we'll be, if anybody wants to help me out on the Polygon AMA and come talk to all the Polygon devs, it'll be fun. There are some exciting things we can look forward to, but yeah, what are you guys up to? Tim starting with you. 

Tim: Yeah, so I am wrapping up a test on those auto-pay contract updates. I'm going to push those this morning and then I have some testing to do on the Diva payment contract as well. 

Nick: And then is the RNG done? 

Tim: No. Depending on how much time there is I'll move on to that too. 

Nick: Okay. I mean the auto-pay stuff should be quick, that should be like that. You can add it to the list of things Brenda has to deploy. We'll have to go and redeploy auto-pay on everything which will be fun. But okay. 

Tim: Yeah, that would be a good one. 

Nick: And then hopefully Diva is quick too, but if anyone wants to help write and test with that, let us know.  

Tim: There's not much to it just the one function so. 

Nick: Yeah, but it's like one function that interacts with eight contracts and does whatever else so it's a big function, yeah.  

Tim: There will be a lot of conditions to test yes. 

Nick: It's like one function test that's 200 lines long. 

Tim: Right. 

Nick: Cool. All right, Owen?  

Owen: We'll be helping out Akrem do the spec for the tip listener today. Work on a release of Telliot feed examples, Lauren if you want to get in on that, do that together. 

Nick: When you're going to add stuff out with Akrem? I can I'd love to sit on that. When are you specing that outing that out? 

Owen: Whenever that's good for you? 

Akrem: Yeah, I was hoping to get started on that today. 

Owen: Yeah, we can do it after the call. 

Akrem: Yeah, after the call I have a call with Tally and then we can do that after that. 

Owen: All right, okay, so just ping me whenever. 

Nick: You guys do it, I'll try and hop in. 

Owen: Other than that, met with Morphware. So, have some changes to make for them and then if I have time after that maybe work on either the testing, like doing testing with browning ganache or the Diva integration. Either one. 

Nick: Cool, awesome, yeah, I mean I would say testing but you know. Pushing it off on Diva so they're like basically wrapped up, he's just, he wants to perfect it, so, which is good but we got to make sure it works for him and is tested first. Alright, Akrem? 

Akrem: Finished the end-to-end deployment script last week, started on some tests, just need to do some more tests, consolidate some things and then I guess go over to do the tip listener. 

Nick: Nice, yeah, looking forward to seeing how you knock that out. Be good, cool Quentin? 

Quentin: Yeah, so, I've been looking into the usage data for ChainLink on Dune analitics, and I made some graphs for that. 

Nick: Yeah, send them over 

Quentin: Okay, I'll do that and besides that I've been looking to the snapshot oracle testing that on Rinkeby testnet. 

Nick: Okay, cool. Yeah, maybe we'll give you one of these integrations Quentin, it'll be fun for you. So, let me know. Tally? 

Tally: Yeah, as I mentioned tests, I mean not end test and we're going to finish this off today so that we can, we've written all the function tests, we haven't run them yet, the end-to-end deployment trip to serve the bottleneck. That's like, before each equivalent as we have in HardHat, but after that just finish the function test that and move on to m10 tests. 

Nick: Yeah, you feeling all better? 

Tally: No. It's already here. We'll get there though. 

Nick: Alright. Good luck. Josh? 

Josh: Yeah, so with being out a lot last week, just picking up with the TrueBlock stuff and making the work. 

Nick: Alright. You two will work... yeah, I mean, I say we give it like two or three more days on this and then if we can't...  

Josh: Sounds good. 

Nick: We'll do other solutions, because I think it's a database, it shouldn't take this long and if we have to cut down the scope of work, that's fine too, but let's figure it out. Well because I think as far as like the data monitor goes you know, we have like... yeah anyway we'll brainstorm it if it doesn't work but don't be... Lauren? How's thing's going? 

Lauren: Things are good. I got all that brownie and ganache stuff working over the weekend, so I wanted to talk to Owen today if we're going to already talk about the release. We can just chat about that too, what other tests we want to add or what else more you want me to do and then Quentin if you need any help with any of that plotting stuff that we talked about earlier just let me know and I can help you out. 

Quentin: Yeah, sure. 

Nick: And will you be able to use your right hand this week? 

Lauren: I have my first physical therapy appointment today so I get to talk to them about it. I hope so, driving me crazy. 

Nick: Yeah, that's and then Brenda anything or just deployments? 

Brenda: Deployments and also, we're doing the website so today, I want to get together with Will to basically prioritize the scope of the first field that's... 

Nick: Did you like my... I said, have you guys seen like links.teller or there's... if you go to, there's basically this, it's a website that all it has is the links. So, you can go to links and then it's... I can send it out but it's literally has like: website, GitHub, docs, twitter YouTube. I'm like this should be our website, I think this is, it's perfect. Every way like we could totally do this. 

Owen: Where is this? 

Nick: I’ll send it out, it's like in I found it on reddit so whenever you go to the Tellor reddit, it has like links and then you click and it has like a website of just all the Tellor links like man, that should just be our homepage. What do we need all the fancy stuff about anything, just make five html links and call it a home page. It's done. So, I don't know but that's me I know the biz dev guys will want to make it branded and have some message that they're trying to push through but I don't know like I always like every time I go to an actual crypto project’s website, it's always for the purpose of I want to know where your GitHub is, where your discord is, just point me in that direction and maybe your whitepaper if it's slightly interesting and then if I can just go to your web page and see those things right away I'm done. So, that would be a perfect website anyway. Yeah, anything else guys? No? Okay, so we got three questions: 


Question1: What happened with the tvl of TRB? Why is the team holding five to ten percent and selling on us? 

Nick: I don't even think we hold five percent and we definitely I mean we sell a little bit every month but not that much just pay some people you see here on this call. 

Question2: What's the road map for teller? 

Nick: Yeah, I mean the big road map for Tellor I guess, correct me if I'm wrong it's just kind of getting integration so we're going to work. We'll probably be brainstorming here over the next month on any if we want to do any upgrades to the main system of Tellor and talking about that. But overall, it's just you know focusing on getting users, building a more robust system, building a simpler system that can work on any chain and for any data in a way that actually works and that's what people want. So, continue and just hash it out 

Question3: Can you clarify how the multisig wallet for Tellor works and who has access in general? 

Nick: So, assuming this is not a question or you guys are asking who you should attack to take down the multi-state contract. Yes, we have, the founders generally have access and it's a, what is it, Brenda? Gnosis multisig, an older version. Yeah, so, it's an older Gnosis multisig wallet I think they've come up with a more recent one but it's the standard in the space. Just allows you to put in m of n signers allowing to move the, any of the funds, you can run arbitrary transactions, but basically the multisig used to be sort of a bigger piece of the system, because it used to have admin rights in the system as far as making it was... well we used to have what was called the “deity” and in the Tellor contracts and it was basically allowed to upgrade the contracts, you know we could have... it's basically it was, since it was an upgradable contract, it could have forked and changed balances and things like that, but that was basically just it was one of the best practices we had actually gotten from other people, was like while you're making sure your contract is bug-free, give yourself some admin rights in case you find a major bug and you need to upgrade it really fast. So, while we had that it was, we had to actually use it, so it was a good thing that we did that but then now that we feel comfortable, that it's kind of bug free or at least more so than, we've moved on and we got rid of it so now it's basically just a wallet for the team which holds I think like three and a half percent of the tokens or something like that so doesn't really have any special rights in the whole thing but should be good. Any other comments on it? Alright, those were the questions, I don't think. Did we have any other questions on the discord the deep questions for the team? I think there was maybe one. No, it was just a migration question so that was it. If you still, most people in Tellor don't even know what the migration is it was so long ago, but every once in a while, we'll get somebody who still hasn't migrated their funds over from the old Tellor contract, so if you need help reach out to us, it's pretty manual at this point but yeah. Thanks everyone for watching on we shall talk to you guys all next week or whenever we have a call later. 


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