Tellor DevCall November 23rd 2022 

By Tamsay | Tellor | 23 Nov 2022


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Crypto Markets, Modefi Deep Dive w/ the fett , Dev Updates, TRB Supply numbers, Questions 


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Nick: Alright everyone welcome Tellor that call November 21st today so yeah things are going good Thanksgiving week so it'll be a good week so okay what are the big things it's kind of we're working on this this week I think overall the crypto markets have stabilized crash we are alive and we're going to continue to stay alive as a space um the biggest things is we're just working kind of on some some Integrations and I think that's the big piece everybody's um kind of got their heads down working on something as far as helping somebody in a great teller so it's super cool um yeah that's about it for me I posted a new deep dive by the way gotta Vlog that modify modify it's apparently modify okay I asked him but yeah they're only on test net so I I didn't really want to post it but there were some cool pieces to the Oracle so I was like and and if you since it is only on testnet I figured they can like still change it so I gave like a lot more like helpful tips as far as like how I would change your aura and you know make it a little bit better trying to help them out so um yeah overall was a good discussion though so I don't know if you guys want to watch it um long story short their Unique Piece was that they they don't want to focus on data feeds or Price feeds or anything they just want like those one-off events for oracles so similar to like more of like a Uma style where you ask it a question it gives you a response but whenever the vote whenever the so you disputed and if it's wrong you know usually you would go to like a vote to see whether or not it it should be you know a good or bad value and they're slashing but they don't do a vote they just have it looped back around there's there's a dispute it gets pushed off and they'll just wait for the value and whenever the good value that comes up and is not disputed that's the settlement for the disputes so there's they have like an oracle system with like no voting that's kind of cool which is super cool that's what I like um the only problem is like I was trying to think is there any way you could possibly do that would Tellor and the answer is like you can't do it with price feeds or things because like if you if you submit a price of eth one day and then you wait like you have to do it for that exact time stamp but then like then there's always a range so you know like is it is one dollar the same as 101 right maybe so there's like a whole bunch of those subjective issues that make it a lot harder when you're trying to do kind of price Speedy stuff so but cool cool idea something we can so they're no longer this Oracle aggregator they're no longer an oracle aggregator I found that out yeah um so but that was like the cool piece I took away from it I don't even think he knew that was the cool piece of his system but it was a cool piece um so yeah so if you're watching this Uma that's what you guys should do to move anyway um I'm sure Hart is sitting there watching our Dev call yeah yeah other things we're working on um I guess I'll just pass over you guys Owen how's things going it's going well um this morning I was working on a bug fix that's buddy found for the RNG reporter pushed a fix for that um and then I'm going to work on the profit one that he reported today so yeah that's what I'm doing go um Tim yeah um so I'm meeting with Akram today about the Cadena integration um so I'm going over the pact language trying to learn how that works in preparation for that meeting and going forward um and then Nick and I have a meeting with stator today which is what the toxicity number is being used for um so I guess we'll figure out the next steps on that integration see what they need from us um yeah they're funny guys so um cool okay I'm working on the part the PAC contract trying to make fixes edit some of the code add the functionality that I haven't added yet um I'm going to do a review on owns BR and the meeting with Tim later and and if you have questions reach out to them like they are super responsive and helpful so if you don't know how to do something in the language just ask like don't don't waste too much time thinking about it um so yeah cool Ryan anyway unmute yes Ciro actually just did another pull request for each mainnet on the fun defeat so I'm going to pull that down and then I just kind of move move some graph stuff over to us but tackle that still working on the voting page thinking about how we can like actually make that usable for the for disputing um or it's not for disputing it's just for voting on disputes um and then I've actually also been Tim's been helping me we're revamping the teller school playlist on YouTube kind of taking out what's not relevant anymore updating what we need to and just making that that viewership experience a little bit more kind of building a story there so nice that's the focus yeah you've had that spotty anything end of last week I was kind of just like breaking stuff and making issues like I always do and um I set up an area to make content working on some content ideas Ryan and I were talking about there's all these opportunities to like make videos to communicate little tidbits about teller that we don't do enough of so I was looking at that stuff but I'm kind of I'm kind of open for input too cool um we talked about doing some node and stuff too but I don't have Parts yet we're giving you the parts so that'll be good um and then yeah I'll give you some stuff I mean we we could always do another Telly video as far as running Telly I don't know how maybe Brenda you can give give it a try the current one starting tell it and we were going to give you feedback hopefully this week so um so I'm running one on AWS that I haven't stopped since the last time I'm sure that's no money so explain nothing so yeah scratch with the latest release all right um Mike anything I think it's worth pointing out that the about the coin Market Cap Supply numbers being off anybody that cares so we might get a little bit of a market cap bump here won't really move the needle much but yeah talking to coin Market if they haven't updated our since August total Supply since August fix that so if you want Supply numbers look at coin Gecko and look at the FAQ and the Discord I can update that again today I haven't updated that in a while yeah but coin gecko has a coin gecko has it right yeah good all right questions do we have any just in the Discord you want to do the Discord question yeah it looks yeah first one what is update teller 360 that's the version of teller that is working now it's live so it's not an update that's coming anymore that's what is 360 basically yeah yeah yeah that's like what we call a current version of Stellar the biggest thing about it is that it's now it's immutable so there's still a lot of work for us to do on the client software that interacts with contracts to make it easy for users to use but the contracts that are live on mainnet now are they can't be changing um anything else okay yeah are we well funded to survive the prolonged grizzly bear Market you betcha no I'm so yeah I posted I I posted a good response to this one I think so like our funds are all actually all open so like our team's multi-sig is there that's it so like it's not like we're reporting cash on the sides like that's it you can go look there's enough money for a nice Runway Brenda's done a good job of diversifying and then we have the token and then we'll kind of adjust as we go you know obviously if it's a five-year time with a dollar price like yeah we're all going to die but um like sorry guys but you know like like you would assume that this would be you know we got a year or two left of this and um we're just going to kind of adjust accordingly as we go on to to survive it so it is what it is yeah those those million dollar bonuses will be sort of foregone for for the year but I think Tellor like regardless of what the price has been doing we have more going on than ever like we have more prospects for users than ever like so fundamentally teller should be like more quote unquote bullish than ever we don't know what the price is going to do but yeah because I mean like you have you have multiple scenarios like if it's one of these things where like the prices the price stays low for a year or two but like people are starting to use teller and there's demand for it and stuff like that and we're like well positioned again for the bull market that that's the scenario we're hoping for and we're building for it and you know you see signs of it you know like we do have like buddy was saying we do have like more interest in Integrations and people actually building and reaching out to us so like you see some signs there but you know if there's like another scenario where like our price is a dollar and every single person building on crypto leaves like yeah like it's going to be rough you know there's no users there's there's no users and and everything goes away but like that's you guys won't even be watching those these videos then it'll just be calling yes so play for play for the one future and we're not planning on going in yeah no we're here meanwhile there are there are other ecosystems that have some grants that you know we've we've received and we're going to continue to pursue those little things do help along the way um you know bolster the reserves a little bit so Mike's here he's off camera hi guys this is Mike speaking of which can you reach out to Avalanche um I know we had talked to them yeah and I Lucian was supposed to see if we can just get like a grant or something to or or even good marketing to go over there because I there's a there's a project that might need them so oh okay over on Avalanche so if we can just what's the name of the project okay we got two more questions okay I understood two more questions um looks like binance holds around 40 of the supply the person who has the question says not been around crypto for long so not sure if that's good or bad super normal super normal super normal it might even be low it's but to be honest this was one of the big reasons for me that that I wanted to push towards getting rid of any upgradability um you know any system out there with token voting or anything is like beholden to the fact that if any if coinbase and binance started talking to each other and attacking these projects like it would be over like any project so yeah as a finance holds 40 there's another big chunk that coinbase has yep and that's where a lot of the trb supply lives but yeah any of any project out there if you have token voting it always looks like that and it's super scary and that's why we wanted to move away from it I think yeah I I we like Finance but do we trust Finance a little bit but yeah yeah they generally don't mess with that but like they could they don't they don't test it yeah but like unless they hate you like you know you saw like CZ tweeting at FTX and dumping their price so like as long as you stay on their good side they won't with your project and we're on the good side now so didn't some exchange vote on a uniswap governance proposal reason it was like the first time ever oh wow I think I was binance it was Finance you know what that's funny because they said they they said that their policy was to not be involved in any governance it is their policy and then until until it's not yes so so anyway we were dead anyway so last question is there any concern regarding some exchanges delisting projects with small volumes in liquidity CEO of brought this up in a recent interview I mean ours looks super healthy but yeah like I don't think we have low I mean maybe maybe if somebody wants to put together a number and say like we're the lowest one on coinbase or Binance but I really don't think that's yeah being close to being the case they list and d-list tokens all the time so yeah they've always done that but usually the projects that go away it's the ones that like you can go on there and you'll see they have like ten thousand dollars in Daily volume you know which is 100 times less of us so I think those are usually team they're usually like the exchanges they're always kind of paying attention to which crypto projects are still developing and which ones aren't so a teller is obviously still developing for more than ever yeah that's it it said go have fun guys and very Thanksgiving we'll be here next week so bye see everyone 






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