Earn your team's toknen for free


hi some of you, you know socios.com, right? perfect I'll explain it to you.
it is an application that once every 12 hours, gives away free crypto tokens, which can be exchanged on wallets.
the game is simple you download the app from the app store, or from safari, do the registration, activate the gps of your device, and click on the tokens that are given to you on the map, without leaving home.
team tokens are worth $ 10

if you decide to subscribe put this code: Q12020

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il bel tacere non fu mai scritto

telegram bot reliability problem
telegram bot reliability problem

hello, I'm new in the crypto world, but I'm sure that many of you have had the same problem as mine, namely that of the TELEGRAM BOTS. with great effort, as you all know, with various paying faucets, and some referals, I managed to scrape together 150 tron. convinced by the project, I entered this bot, which around, a little and scammed, taking away my few earnings, I state being new I have not paid anything out of my pocket. I wanted to ask a question to all those who will be kind enough to answer, how c

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