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WorldCoin is on the rise! Its not good

By Aldeneer | Techrosmos | 29 Jul 2023

Recently WorldCoin became very popular, this almost dystopian project that gives you weekly allowance for scanning your eyes is for some reason pumping. In only one day its price rose by over 10 cents. And it will probably rise even higher because it is now tradeable on NEXO.

Is it a good thing? HELL NO!

World does not need even more identification methods, we already have government IDs, driver's licenses, social security codes, PESEL and other methods to ID ourselves. We actually need more privacy! This is why I think crypto projects should be more like monero or litecoin. Also sketchy AI company having your advanced eye scan doesn't look like a good thing too. 

I hope worldcoin will be only a fad and will die quickly.

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