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By Karina | Technophilia | 24 Feb 2021

What is Upland?

Upland is a game based on blockchain technology where a player can own properties. One of the advantages offered by blockchain technology is that each property is unique. Also, two players can not own the same property. So, real-life conflicts between people for the ownership of properties and houses have no place in this game.


How I started playing Upland and why I will keep playing it!

I saw the writing contest and I said to myself let’s try it, why not?! I signed up on Upland and I received a bonus that helped me buy my first properties. I feel obliged to tell you that I am not the kind of player that reads and watched tutorials about how to play a game. I like to explore by myself, even if I make lots of mistakes, and sometimes I get angry at myself but this is my philosophy. After three days I started to superficially read some things about it on the Internet because I was intrigued.

Why was I intrigued? Because I want to manage real estate transactions in my real life, and right now I have neither the money nor the knowledge to do that. So, for a materialist like myself, this game is more than welcomed.


This is the moment when I had my first property. As a newbie in this game, I am a visitor and I have to renew my visa once in seven days. As I searched on the Internet I will become an uplander when I will reach 10 000 UPX. Now, this is not a thing that bothers me and I think that it keeps me in the game daily. But it is not the only thing that keeps me logged in, the thought of having multiple houses fuels my passion. At the moment I have properties and I did not start building the houses, but I sure will in the future.

How I bought my first property:

My avatar travels by himself on the map, when I am logged in I am searching together with him the bright green points on the map, these are the ones that I can buy. There are many green points on the map, but only the young bright green ones are for a newbie like me. If you decide to invest in this game, I am sure that you can afford the old mature green points on the map too. A point on the map represents a property. The bright green points represent land that is not owned, the darker green points represent properties owned by uplanders. The last ones are more expensive and they offer you more money in time. Once you buy land, it is represented on the map as a blue point
If you have enough UPX you can create buildings of different types on your land.



How you receive UPX in this game:

Every time another avatar travels and passes one of your properties, the property keeps some fees. You can collect the fees once every two hours. When deciding to buy a property it is wise to look at how much UPX that property can bring you in a month.

I am sure that when you invest in this game you have a lot of possibilities and the UPX that you collect from your properties is bigger than what I have at the moment. I am thinking of testing this game and playing it a little longer until I invest in it.
If I didn’t convince you to play it just so you know, you can convert your UPX from this game in U.S. dollars.

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