Swissborg - is it worth it?

I've been testing Swissborg for a couple of month and I though I'd share my views. But first of all - what's Swissborg? It's a team of finance and technology experts dedicated to "building a new era of wealth management." Headquartered in Switzerland (hence Swissborg), the team has grown quite rapidly and added offices in London and Tallinn. It won numerous awards, including Top Asset Management Project at World Blockchain Forum, and launched one of the fastest growing tokens - CHSB (It climbed 2,700% in the charts in 2020). 

Accelerating the World's Transition to Decentralised Nations

Community app

Swissborg became known first by launched their Community App. It claims that 180K+ players have downloaded the app that doesn't really do much. It's a prediction game where you're asked if the price of Bitcoin will go up or down in the next 24h. You can bet a number of points which you either multiply or lose depending on whether you've been right or wrong. You get badges for inviting friends, being right on your forecast, taking risk, earning points, coming back to play the game or reaching specific levels. If you unlock all the badges, you're rewarded with 250 in CHSB Tokens. No risk but it's really just for fun. The most useful part of the Community App is the education section, which provides you with Bitcoin's technical analysis and some news.


The real app

The thing I like most is the UI - it's really good. Simple and great to navigate. Swissborg have added some interesting options where you can earn Yield on USD Coin (up to 29.25%) and SwissBorg's own utility token (up to 6.51%). Apart from that - there isn't really much there. The marketplace offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, SwissBorg, USD Coin, PAX Gold, Enji, Kyber Network, Compound, Aave, Ren, Dai and Binance Coin. The premium version offers zero fees on Bitcoin and CHSB transactions (you'd have to hold over 50,000,000 in CHSB - good luck with that). The referral system is quite attractive, offering up to 100 EUR in free Bitcoin when you sign up and deposit at least 50 EUR. For me, the key assets are the usability and and security. It's reassuring to have a solid team behind the app and I hope they will expend their offering the coming years. 


In 2021, our goal is to become Europe’s top crypto wealth manager with over half a billion in assets under management, get CHSB into CoinMarketCap’s top 50, and deliver the best investment experience. But our top priority is to nurture our loving relationship with YOU, our SwissBorg token holders. 


If you'd like to join Swissborg, feel free to use my referral link for a chance to earn up to 100EUR in free Bitcoin when you depoisit at least 50EUR or the equivalent in any supported currency. If you want to join the Community App - click here. and use my reference code KQIT3NQ.

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