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Windows Format Gpt Error

By nosiply | Technologiesji | 29 Jan 2021

This is an error that may happen to you on old computers while formatting. It is because it is not supported. The solution to the error is simple.


Please back up your information before taking these actions.

You may encounter such an error while formatting Windows.

After getting this error;

- Press Shift + F 10.

-In the command prompt window that comes up, type "diskpart" and hit "enter".

- Type "list disk" and hit "enter"

- Write "Select disk" leave a space and type the disk number you wrote down and press "enter".

- Type "Clean", hit "enter".

- Type "Convert gpt" and hit "enter".

- Type in "exit", hit "enter".
After the command prompt is closed, continue using the "refresh" button.


The "next" button does not work in this system. You will not write the quotation marks that I use as separators when writing commands (Example: when writing "list disk", you will not write the "sign" at the beginning and end.

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