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Staking Compound Interest with Weekly Rewards Calculator

By Chadayan | Technical Discussions | 6 Oct 2020

Calculator with Compound Interest


I cannot find a calculator for finding the Compound Interest for staking. I am staking some polka dot in kraken with the grow rewards on. In my understanding, they will add the Compound Interest twice weekly (Tuesday and Friday). 

If we turn on the "grow rewards" on the rewards will be compounded, which adds your earned rewards every week back into staking. This means if you continue to leave your funds staked you may earn more than the RPY percent.

As Kraken doesn't have any fees I have not included them.

Now how are we going to calculate that?

I have created an Excel sheet with the formula. There is only two formula in the excel. 

This is the main one:




Another minor one:


I assume we don't want the decimal palaces for the yearly calculations. 




If anyone wants the excel to play with you can download them here.


Let me know, my calculations are right. If you think I need correction I can change the formula.

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