BC.GAME Labouchère Betting Script.

By Chadayan | Technical Discussions | 13 May 2021


A brief explanation of the Labouchère strategy


  • Total Amount you want to win(may change actual amount with the payout)
    • For example 1BTC
  • No of splits
    • For example 10


1) Divide the total amount into the number of splits

Example, 1BTC/10 => 0.1 BTC each

2) Place the bet for the first and last item of the splits

Example 0.1 + 0.1 = 0.2 BTC

3) if we lose add the losing amount to the splits 

For example, we had 10 items in the split with 0.1 each now  add the 11th item of value 0.2

4) if we win, then remove the first and last items in the split

For example, now we have 9 items( 8 times 0.1) 

Repeat the process until you finish all your items

Note: there are many varieties of Labouchère strategy, here I explained the equal divided strategy. 



If you don't have an account create one here. (My referral link) :) 

There are few games you can play by adding scripts. 

Step 1: Download Labouchere.js

Step 2: Identify the game you want to play with the script:

For example:

The next steps will be almost the same so I will be giving the example of hash dice.

Step 3:  Click Advanced


Step 4: Click Add Script


Step 5: Give the script a name( I gave Labouchère)

Open the downloaded Labouchere.js file in a text editor like notepad. Copy the content. Then save.


Step 6:  Click Run


Step 7: 


  • Bet profit - The amount which is going to split for the Labouchère strategy.
    • Note that some of the coins have a minimum amount of play with. For example, if a coin has a minimum amount of 1 and the split is 10. The amount you need to enter is 10 for the play to start is.
  • Number of Splits how many splits you need.
  • Maximum number of Cycles
    • it is common to have a streak of losing, which ends up having a very long number of splits at the end.  For example, if you have the value 200, after 200 games you have not finished the game it will restart with the bet profit amount. 
  • Payout: the Payout % of the game. 

Select Run Script and confirm it. 

Enjoy the rewards :)

Sample Run:




Note no strategy is 100% successful. The house always has the edge :) 

Gamble at your own risk. Try the script with a small amount first to get familiar with. 


Tips to the auther:


BTC : 19SNroELouycxUmfrBfA8w8x168RCCk8XU

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