Where to short

Last Chance to Short FTM at the price...*Smart Money Concept*

Smart Money Concept* I will provoie an entire tutorial on this theory of analysis one day but until then all I have is what I was privately mentored with for over a year. And this means he has figured out the ever-changing algorithm to keep up with today's man made charts  that look as if they're just another instrument but iteeees just another reasom for the biggets pockets to esily tske out the small pockets. 

.$0.59191 is you last chance to short and make some decent money. Yesterday,. After My most I did mention where is=t was going to start gpoing back up, and the weekly breaker is full. Here you can see in picture 1 why i chose that price, because a bearish candle got undernee\ath teh bulliush candle, there for should continue to take bearish measures. 


Next entrance

Your first entranc when shorting shouod be the middle of the last highest uet smallest Fair Value Gap, in this vase the daily fair value gap. Between the entrance and the median because ou don't knoww if it'ss going get rejected. see area here, in deep blue

  First short EntryEspecially now tht we know where it's going to rebound and start making its way back up, why not try to plauy it both ways on the futures market? TThanks MEXC. (I am an official affiliate with see photo with link to  my affiliate  code. $1,000 towards new user rewards, all fees. Scan the QR code ot click here MEXC Also offers more contracts than Kucoin and allows for much more leverage. You don't know what your missing til you need that $1,000



tThere's still time to short FTM!


  - Bodies x wix



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I'm a strategic Smart Money trader. I do not adhere to any retail trade ideas such as trendlines, channels, Harmonics, Supply Demand, double tops are "safe" resistance, nor double bottoms are safe support. Imbalances and liquidity pools is where you earn

Technical Analysis - Smart Money Concepts
Technical Analysis - Smart Money Concepts

Student of Inner Circle trader, privately mentored for a year. I'm taking his principles and applying them to Crypto Charts. And they work. These are a collection of Smart Money Technical Analysis Ideas. You can usually find them on my Tradingview account "BodiesXWix" as well. This is an additional outlet to publish.

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