Virus, Malware, and Ransomware are Allies in Cybercrime

By Debesh Choudhury | TechFuture | 3 Nov 2022

When you have an asset, there is always a threat.

The world of people moves around money and wealth. Who doesn't need money?

If I see a valuable asset, the first thing that comes to my mind is how the asset is protected from theft. When I see jewelry shops, the same question appears in my mind.

There are, of course, security guards and gadgets. We can see plenty of security staff outside the jewelry shops. Still, theft and crimes in these spots increase at an alarming rate.


Computing and computers are instruments to build assets.

Humans invented computing machines even before the making of the first big mainframe computer. In the primitive days, who knows, people weren't after stealing those mechanical calculating devices!

  • Computing is a power that can create and fetch wealth. Now, the fastest computers are superpowers in the hands of modern humans.

  • Computers can create digital assets which were not imaginable with the traditional computing intelligence of normal human beings.

Now, people who can use those computers are in high demand. People who can write programs and create useful software applications to run computers earn a lot.


Programming experts can also create cyber problems to sell associated solutions.

  • Experts can create solutions to the existing problems faced by society. The issues which are inherent to human existence are the most sought ones.

  • Programming experts can build applications to surmount existing problems.

  • The programmers may also create software applications to give rise to synthetic problems in computer usage of the common mass.

Solutions to these synthetic computing problems may be easily solved by those who created the problems with their programming prowess. In fact, the antivirus solutions in the market are the products created by the virus problem creators only!

The same is true for present-day cyber threats. The cyber threats are mostly from those groups of cyber criminals who sell cybersecurity solutions.

Of course, several groups of cybersecurity researchers are continually studying different types of cyber threats, and have been trying to find possible cures.


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Humans need to be aware of how to avoid the perils.

  • The strategy of every human should be to get an awareness of the technology.

If you know how to use a computer, and how to install and uninstall programs, you can manage day-to-day computer problems yourself.

  • If you learn the basics of computer and Internet safety, you can manage your everyday cyber usage with minimal or almost no problems.


Cybersecurity is awareness of the Internet and computer usage.

Cybercrime, computer virus, malware, ransomeware are closely related.

  • If you want to minimize cyber threats, you must follow some basics of Internet and computer safety norms.

The awareness doesn't require one to enroll in an academic program, pay hefty course fees, and earn a degree in cybersecurity.

  • However, undertaking paid training on cybersecurity is a good approach.

One must be sure that the training group or the coach is knowledgeable and have hands-on expertise in the subject of cybersecurity!


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Bringing it altogether

  • Computer viruses, malware, and ransomware are allies in cybercrime.

  • Some expert programmers create synthetic problems to sell their cybersecurity solutions to the common mass, small companies, and big corporates.

Every Internet user MUST acquire some awareness about the safety and security of the Internet and computer usage.

  • One cannot bring out cybersecurity in one single article.

  • It is better to remember that convenience and security don't go together.

  • All Internet users must take care of their everyday cybersecurity themselves.

A willingness to learn is the key.



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Nov 03, 2022

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