Musk's Twitter Poll Would be a Tough Business Decision

By Debesh Choudhury | TechFuture | 20 Dec 2022

Would you run a poll about your performance?

A poll is a process of considering people's mandate. The general elections of most countries are examples of such open and secret polling. The poll results are assumed to be an outcome of the proper functioning of the electoral processes.

Social media polls are a way of judging the users' minds. Whether it would be fair to consider a social media poll result to decide on an important business strategy, is a debatable subject.

I am responsible for the actions I take every day. There could be plenty of errors and discrepancies. I may try to blame it on the situations and many external reasons, but in the end, it is me who should be fully responsible for what I do.


Social media business depends on people's minds.

Social media is driven by its vast user base. If the users like social media, it will bring colossal engagement and fetch advertisements. The same is happening with Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

Even if the advertisers continue to support it, the fate of a social media business depends on the engagement of its massive number of users.

The social media platform may hold the superpower to control the notification and other algorithmic business processes; the ultimate power rests on social media users.


Will Elon Musk abide by the results of the poll?

I saw a poll on Twitter by the owner. It asks whether people want Elon Musk to continue as the head of the Twitter business.


I find it very tricky to utilize the opinion of Twitter users to decide whether Musk would continue as the chief of Twitter or delegate it to a staff member.


Concluding thoughts

  • Social media is a business with online users.

  • Many user accounts are bots and fake.

  • Taking a business decision from a Twitter poll may not produce positive results.

It is my personal opinion that making a business decision based on an online poll comprising of plenty of bot and fake accounts may not be the best decision!


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Dec 20, 2022

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