Guess Where Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Landing?

By Debesh Choudhury | TechFuture | 25 Oct 2023

Let us call cryptocurrency predictions wild guesses!

I have very little knowledge about the financial market. I don't wish to enter into investment and trading.

My friend in the US is so happy and unhappy with his stock portfolios.

He has been in the stock arena for more than twenty-five years.

Still, he is nowhere close to predicting the stock market fluctuations.

I often call him to stop telling me his experience in stock trading has anything to do with the gains during the market moving up or vice versa.

The same is true for cryptocurrency predictions or speculations.


Will Bitcoin and Ethereum go to the Moon?


  • Lovers of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are so happy to see the price rise.

  • They already started to dream in favor of BTC and ETH landing on the Moon.

For them, Moon is BTC touching the 100k dollar price mark!

According to their prediction, BTC will be on the Moon, and ETH, the younger sibling, will be hanging in some stationary (or fluctuating) orbit far away from the Moon but towards the Moon!

  • Dreaming has no side effects like the untested C-19 jabs had.

There will be many more chances to dream afresh.


What about the performance of BTC and ETH?

  • No, I am not talking about the total market cap, i.e., investments of BTC and ETH.

Market cap or investment in a technology neither guarantees its performance nor reliability.

  • For example, although the investment in biometrics recognition technology is skyrocketing every year, it is an experimentally proven fact that biometrics lowers security.

No, I don't want to talk about their price marks of BTC and ETH as well.

  • I want to discuss the performance of each cryptocurrency.

  • How do BTC and ETH perform in the transaction processing?

  • What is the fee per transaction for BTC and ETH?

  • How much time do BTC and ETH take to complete a single transaction?

The expert lovers of BTC and ETH don't talk about the technology issues!


Some thoughts about the future of BTC and ETH.

As a novice in market and finance, I have tried to guess the performance parameters associated with the technologies of BTC and ETH.

  • If BTC and ETH fees per transaction are high, how would people adopt them for payments?

  • If settling a transaction (for BTC, especially) takes a few days to a week, how would the merchants adopt it as a payment currency?

I know what the expert lovers of BTC would say.

  • BTC is gold, and gold is not used for payments!

Okay, hold your BTC portfolio as gold, and have a nice sleep and a sweet dream.

Time will pass, and the scaling issues of cryptocurrencies will increase, i.e., fees and time for single transaction processing.


A warning for BTC and ETH.

A short-term hope of BTC and ETH is that the price rate may rise towards the Moon!

BTC and ETH also show a long-term threat of increased transaction fees.




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Oct 25, 2023

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