Elon, Why Don't You Permit Us to Pay X/Twitter Premium Services with Cryptocurrencies?

By Debesh Choudhury | TechFuture | 8 Oct 2023

What about becoming a blue-ticked X/Twitter member?

I feel that I may subscribe to the premium services of X/Twitter.

I have checked X/Twitter's payment options.

We can pay for X/Twitter premium fees using a credit card.


I prefer buying things by peer-to-peer cryptocurrency payment.

  • Recently, I purchased Internet hosting services and two domain names and paid the cost with BitcoinCash, aka BCH.

  • The hosting service provider has an option for payment with any cryptocurrencies.

  • Any merchant can choose from several cryptocurrency payment services.

  • The cryptocurrency payment options are very easy to use.

  • One can choose to pay with cryptocurrency, and then choose their choicest cryptocurrency from a drop-down menu.


Elon Musk may consider a crypto-payment option for X/Twitter.


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Why can't Elon Musk create the option of paying premium subscription fees with any cryptocurrencies?

  • In the past, Elon permitted buyers to buy Tesla cars with Bitcoin for a limited period.

  • The time is far ahead of that now.

And, Elon Musk is a futurist.


A futurist has many reasons to choose crypto-payment options.

I think it is the right time for Elon to consider creating a cryptocurrency payment option for X/Twitter as soon as possible.

  • Members of X/Twitter can choose from a drop-down menu in the payment GUI which cryptocurrency they would like to pay.

  • Although there is an intermediate cryptocurrency payment service provider, the payment goes anonymously without saving any payment sources such as credit card numbers and so on.

  • There may not be any auto-renewed option with cryptocurrency payments.

People who love auto-payments without checking every payment at every purchase may choose to open a window for scammers and fraudsters.


Crypto-payment feature would be a game changer for X/Twitter.

Choosing cryptocurrency payment options on X/Twitter will be a game changer.

It would be a future-looking step that Elon Musk shouldn't hesitate away from.

What do you think it would be if Elon Musk considered a cryptocurrency payment option in X/Twitter's premium membership fees?


Our appeal to Elon Musk

  • In the end, may we appeal to Elon Musk to open a cryptocurrency payment option for X/Twitter premium services?

Elon, Please Give Us a Payment Option with any Cryptocurrencies.



What will you do if X/Twitter opens a crypto-payment option?

  • I will choose BCH to pay my membership fees on X/Twitter.

What about you? Which cryptocurrency would you choose to pay with?



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Oct 08, 2023

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