various ways to track a cell phone

By Gaurav | tech | 26 May 2019

hey free hydro seekers this is GAURAV

well today i am gonna tell you how you can track your cell phone if you lost it or other's by using there tricks and apps

just google it-

yes, you can get loction of your device by just useing google try to search "find my phone" and you will get location of your phone, even ring your phine, lock it, delete personal data and lots of stuff by just using google


using anti-virues- 

many antivirus such as avg, mcafee ,quick heal and other provides you option to locate your device you just need to log into there website and you can easily get the track of your device

using APPS

there are many spy apps avalible in market which can be used for spying and tracking phone's call log, even browsing history and location in these app th target never get to know it's location is been traced , but you need a one time access to the victims device to install these apps well a am going to list one of such apps 

cocospy  well this apps allows you do ful spying of you target, you can see call log, messages, what target is browseing, even whatssapp,line, instagram and kik msg and even video preview and most importantly the location but it's now free you need to pay a price for it.


hope this help, i will be updating you with more such tricks 

have a nice day

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