T-series VS Pewdiepie :end game

By Gaurav | tech | 31 May 2019

Namaste this is Gaurav

      So many of you have been spending your day watching youtube, in spite of earning crypto beside, many youtube creators, watchers know about the battle of youtube the battle between t-series and pewdiepie so I know t-series have won this battle months ago but still recently we came to know about a heartbreaking news about this battle, now there is no chance ever this battle can be won by pewdiepie, I repeat no chance since t-series is way to ahead then pewdipie have crossed over 100 million subscribers on youtube.

So what do you think we Indians are enjoy and party over that no, actually this thing have nothing to do with us we are busy in our own life, t-series is just a music company in india which keep disturbing other youtubers by striking copywrite claim, they keep removing there songs parody and these things happen a lot here. But still pewdiepie is far different and he is actually the king of youtube, I barely hared about pewdiepie striking copywrite claim. And that guy is way to cool than a traditional company which keep striking down other YouTubers of same country so, I think there is no competition190903265-574ef4a7e7d0f9370df654a555726850e1367d6597d2147379a68369aff262b1.png of both of them

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