What is Binance Card?

By Lorenzo Giovannini | Tech update | 10 Nov 2020

Released in August, Binance Card is the alternative to debit card issued by the well known exchange in partnership with Swipe.


In what consists its offer?

Binance verified users can have an additional benefit from the BNB they stake. As well as the interest amd the distributions of new coins, users can earn a cashback percentage from the amount of money they spend with the card. Here is a breakdown from


But, with a BNB price ranging between $26 and $29 in the last week, the first premium card cost is between $260,00 amd $290,00, with the concorrence of is just $170,00 ca at the moment, with a $50,00 bonus.

Many users also report high fees, which are now refunded in USDT on the account. But the main thing about Binance Card is that you can pay directly with crypto, without selling it for cash, as you have to do on (that's what fees are for).

So maybe the easier spending way could lead already active users to remain in Binance, but less cryptofriendly people, interested just in cashback, may still find a more viable option. What's your opinion? Which one do you prefer?


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