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How to Enter Coinmarketcap Youtube Launch Competition

By Austras | Tech-tutor | 14 Sep 2021

Coinmarketcap is holding a mega launch for their youtube channel, currently at 43.000 subscribers.

All that you have to do to enter is subscribe and turn on notifications, after that simply enter your info and answer easy some questions about their youtube channel to join in. The time period for joining in to have chance at winning is from the 13th of September till the 27th of September.

To enter the competition or read CMC's post about the event click here
The catch is...

The more people that subscribe, the bigger the price pool. The prize pool depending on the total subscribers at the end of september is as follows:


Sharing this would you along as the amount of winners increase as well as the prize pool, the more the merrier.

How do I win?

Cross your heart and hope to die. No, but for real, you can't win for sure. All you can do is increase your chances, there's two ways to do that.

Simplest way is to spread this around to help Coinmarketcap increase their subscriber count, it would've be kind of embarrassing if they couldn't cross 30k. The second option is to; spread it around, again? Yes. For every place you post/share the competition you get an extra entry. This also helps by making more people see the competition and potentially subscribing to the youtube channel.

What can you do with the prizes?
  • I hope I don't have to explain what you can do with USDT/money.
  • Diamonds allows you to buy rewards in the coinmarketcap rewards program. Almost any winner can get one of the 15 limited edition NFTs and number 1/2/3 would get a large headstart in acquiring the limited edition single CMC Mobox NFT.
  • Limited edition NFTs are a good option for investing or making money. Sell this off, now or later, and makes some easy money.
  • Youtube shoutout would be a nice way to increase your following. I would shoutout my blog here on Publish0x and hopefully pull some traffic our way.
  • Come back here and bully me because you won and I didn't
To enter the competition or read CMC's post about the event click here


Good luck and hopefully somebody who reads this wins, or maybe I win. Yeah I hope I win :)

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