Coinmarketcap Diamonds Vs. Coingecko Candies

By Austras | Tech-tutor | 1 Sep 2021



This is a daily reward for having a Coingecko account, simply login and claim your candies. You get a streak bonus up to 100 candies which is equal to roughly a 1/4th of a reward which is really good. These gather up fairly quickly and there's a good selection of NFTs, rewards, books & disscount vouchers. If you are supporting Coingecko with money you can also get some exclusive NFTs which is dope.

  • Good selection of rewards
  • Gathers up quickly
  • Offers premium rewards
  • Vouchers and such doesn't seem to run out
  • Low amount of NFTs that sell out quickly
  • Pay-walled premium rewards



Coinmarketcap is giving Diamonds as reward which pays tribute to the ideal "diamond hands" retail investors should use when trading crypto. You get a daily login bonus plus a streak for logging in several days. There's also some diamonds to be grabbed if you interact with their prediction minigame and try to guess prices and new countires to adopt crypto.

  • Different options to gain Diamonds
  • Really cool NFTs to be rewarded
  • Slow to gather
  • Insanely low amount of rewards to be grabbed
  • Exclusive NFTs but no notifications or alerts


The Candie win, for now. They simply offer waaay more useful rewards and the rewards are actually there. There have been several rewards I could've grabbed but wasn't able to as when I woke up 3 hours after the rewards dropped all 1.000 had been redeemed, 1.000, that's way too low for the amount of users the plattform has. Coingecko also have similar issues but the rewards aren't grabbed as quickly and even the discounts at coinmarketcap have a low total amount. So Coingecko is at the moment quicker with more rewards to chose from whilst Coinmarketcap's sole edge is that you can get slightly more Diamonds from using different parts of the plattform

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