Learn how to start with a Paleo Diet, SQL, and Forex Trading with these free Udemy courses.

The list of free courses with coupons is a little light today, but I did find some interesting ones. You can learn Forex Trading, Excel, and Meditation with ADHD.

Below is the list of free courses that will be free for up to the next couple of days. If you see anything you might be interested in taking make sure you add it to your account.  I have not taken any of these courses, so I cannot vouch for any of the courses or instructors. If you end up taking any of the courses, let me know how they were in the comments. 

If you end up taking any of the courses, please be sure to give the instructor/course feedback. Let me know in the comments what type of courses you would like to see pop up for free. What are you interested in learning?


Never Stop Learning!


Accelerated Certification Techniques


Getting Started with Paleo Diet


A Complete HTML5 Course


SQL for Data Analysis and Data Science


2021 Beginners Guide to Cyber Security


Intro to Basic Video Creation


The Complete Forex Trading Course


1 Hour HTML


The Complete Introduction to the deep web


Excel for Data Analysis


Meditation for ADHD



Affiliate links: 


Earnathon - Earn Crypto by conducting some training on Crypto


RollerCoin: Play mini games to up your mining capabilities in a virtual setting. You can mine RollerToken, Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum, Tether


BlockReward: Rewards you in Crypto for buying through affiliate links, downloading apps on you phone, doing surveys, watching videos. 


BlockFi: Earn interest on your Crypto


Presearch: Earn tokens while you search the web


ShapeShift: Crypto Trading Platform where you could potentially win coins when others make trades


Ghost - Gaming, Esports, Fitness Energy Drink **Try the Sour Patch Flavored Gaming drink**


Ibotta - Earn Cashback on groceries and other purchases


Rakuten - Earn Cashback on Online purchases




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I work in Big Data, Love playing video games, and often go to conventions. I mainly post free or inexpensive training and about video games.

Training that is free or Low cost
Training that is free or Low cost

It's becoming more and more necessary for persons in many aspects of a business to have some knowledge of programming. I know since working in Data the two languages I've been asked to learn are R and Python. I've since learned those languages, but I continue to train myself in other techniques using various online training. There is a wide range of free to paid training online, I'll be posting a few that I use.

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