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5 May My Technical Analysis

By Biologist25 | Tech. Analysis | 5 May 2022

There was no weekly closing below the blue regression value, which was at the level of 37830 last week, and it set a bottom again. It's okay as long as the net bottom determinant of the last 3 months is not destroyed here ✅

🛡This week value: 38176

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We stated in our analysis last week that $BTC will seek support in the range of 37890 and 36200. For now, the reaction from this region shows that there is support here ✅

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$BTC should be able to continue with a 39.2 mini retracement or a stronger retracement around 38.4, the targets will be the 40.5 and 42/42.5 marked on the chart.

The loss of the 38.4 region would not be good, it would break the structure. Under 38.4 direct hard stops may be a problem. There's a bit of flex there vear up to 38.1's. If you follow it on a closing basis, it will be healthier, especially hourly closings. We sat in a very critical place both in terms of time and price. We've finished the Fed, and the price is really at an extreme support, if it happens, these are places to take some risks.


ZEC Graph
At best, $ZEC is now up to 130/140. I wrote a bullish forecast. I said that there could be 100 and 80's macro images with resale from here, but it doesn't seem like it will come very quickly. There are 130 again from 140's, but beyond is not very clear for now.


Take it easy,

It is not investment advice.


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Tech. Analysis
Tech. Analysis

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