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SORARE is a collectible card game that are all represented by tokens, based on the game of football and especially fantasy football.

The players are with their cards represented by non-fungible tokens (fungible are deitoken that have a certain rarity and each is different from the other), so the value of a single card is different from the value of another card.

All cards have a license, every player and every team that enters this game has entered into a license agreement, so you actually go to participate with players who have signed up to lend their image for this game.

Participating in the game is very simple, initially after registering (if you use this link you are entitled to a rare card the gift after the purchase of the first 5 cards) 400 fanta million are credited to buy 10 players' cards, they must be two goalkeeper, two defenders, two midfielders and two forwards, of which 5 will be fielded as owners.


We can also choose whether to do this automatically, so 10 players will be selected automatically, thus creating a team in five minutes.

This is obviously the choice not recommended for those who love fantasy football.

By deploying five players, they will play during the championship, during the cups, then there will be real matches and an average of the player's score will be made that can take a score from 0 to 100, all these points are added up and a ranking is created , the maximum we can do then and 500, if we score 500 we are in the high ranking.


The first league in which you can participate is the rocky league where you can participate for eight consecutive times by deploying the team and winning prizes at the end of the tournament.

These tournaments usually last three days the time of a championship or cup day, based on how much we are placed in the ranking we receive prizes.

The market is always open, where cards are offered for sale and offers can be made or purchased directly.

Going to the transfer market section, for example, you can see all the players who are currently on sale by other people, select them by role, by type of club, by league, etc.


There are unique cards like that of Mbappè, it means that there is only this erc 721 token, this card was purchased here for the record amount of 55 thousand euros.

So you have to be good at finding the next stars, so those young players who are then bought cheap and then can become "Great".



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