Elrond is the future ..

By TurtleCoin | All Crypto | 27 Jan 2021

Elrond is a public blockchain that provided the first scalable sharding architecture solution, which is capable of providing more than 15,000 transactions per second and could scale even more, designed to bring improvements in terms of execution speed and throughput (more than a thousand times faster).

Recall that Bitcoin has a speed of 7 transactions per second, while Ethereum of 14 per second.




They also announced the launch of their digital wallet, MAIAR, to make global payments, the launch is scheduled for January 31st, with the aim of gradually providing the same features as Paypal and Google pay but without collecting personal information and very low fixed costs.

Among other news, Elrond has recently entered the eToro ecosystem, precisely on December 23rd.

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All Crypto

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