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By Talleo | Talleo | 7 Mar 2020

This is just an example how requesting payments can be implemented in website that wants to support payments using Talleo.

During checkout, user selects Talleo as payment method and decides that he/she wants to pay using his webwallet account. Shop website sends payment request containing shop's Talleo address associated with the customer, possible payment ID for separating multiple transactions to same wallet address, total worth of the items user purchased in TLO and callback address to send verification information.

Payment ID is optional sequence of hexadecimal numbers that can contain for example customer ID and transaction number of the payment. Example is "5465737457656257616c6c657454616c6c656f5061796d656e74546573744944".

When user enters one-time authorization number to the payment confirmation window, the webwallet sends the payment using the provided information and sends encoded message to the provided callback address containing shop's wallet address, used payment ID and transaction hash of the payment.

Shop can use this information to verify that the transaction is sent to correct address and has enough confirmations, and decide to send the purchased items to the buyer. Suggested minimum requirement is 10 confirmations, meaning there is 10 other blocks mined after the block containing the transaction for the payment.

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