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By Talleo | Talleo | 28 Feb 2020

Talleo (TLO) is a cryptocurrency based on Bytecoin 2, it's code is originally forked from main GitHub repository of TurtleCoin, but it shares a lot of code and some team members from PinkstarcoinV2 (PSTAR) and Bittorium (BTOR). Improvements have been integrated also from Intense Coin (GUI wallet), Iridium, Graft Project and Karbowanec.

Talleo aims to be fastest online payment method with lowest fees with focus on stability and security. All websites associated with Talleo are required to use SSL certificates accepted by major browsers. Target time between two blocks is set to 60 seconds as 30 seconds wouldn't be long enough to allow as many transactions as possible to be added to blocks as Talleo requires at least one transaction in each block. Sometimes when network activity is low, time between blocks can increase to about 10 minutes, until one of the mining pools pays out rewards to miners, or a user sends coins to another user or optimizes his/her wallet.

Talleo will not be just another cryptocurrency that tries to be like any other project fork, it will be a project that encompasses core functionality and third-party code that integrates with the Talleo core code. Core API (daemon API and wallet API) have been improved to allow using it from scripted languages (PHP and JavaScript currently supported) in addition to C++ and other compiled languages.

Talleo is currently listed on Argentine based exchange C-PatEx, but eventually we will list it on exchanges with higher trading volume. We try to avoid exchanges with any negative reviews as it would put funds of our community to risk.

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