Suffering From Irritable Blockchain Syndrome? Control Uncomfortable Gas Pains with Gas Now!
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Suffering From Irritable Blockchain Syndrome? Control Uncomfortable Gas Pains with Gas Now!


Stop Suffering From Excessive Gas... Fees

If you're like many crypto enthusiasts, you've probably experienced the symptoms of Irritable Blockchain Syndrome (or IBS for short). In just the couple of months since this video was released, gas prices to interact on the Ethereum network have skyrocketed. Now, signing authorizations cost as much as actual transactions used to. In fact, when gas prices are in the "low range" these days, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40-$60 USD just to push a transaction through. If you're in need of speedy relief, you could be looking at $90-100 per transaction. Ouch!

Lucky for you, there's a solution to your problem - Gas Now! With, you can get an estimate of actual gas prices in real-time, make educated decisions about speed necessity, adjust your Gwei, and save some ETH in the process.


Directions For Use

Many people make the mistake of paying unnecessarily high gas prices for their transactions on the Ethereum network. This often occurs due to default wallet settings like those in MetaMask. However, there's a solution that can help you reduce your gas pains and save you lots of money over time. By checking the Gas Now website, you can get a good idea of the Rapid, Fast, Standard, and Slow gas estimates. Then, if you notice the signature requests or actual transaction request presets on your MetaMask wallet are out of whack, you can adjust them to suit your needs.

It's a common misconception that choosing the fastest option is always the best way to push transactions through. However, this is not necessarily the case. Sometimes, the estimates populated by your wallet are much higher than necessary, especially if you're not obsessed with transactions going through instantaneously. By comparing the default Gwei settings in MetaMask with the real-time prices on Gas Now, you can save some money by setting your price point a bit lower. Sometimes this may cause the transaction to take longer. However, if you utilize this feature and this helpful site properly, you can adjust your Gwei to a reasonable amount that's more in line with currently recognized gas prices. As a result, you save money and often times won't even notice a difference in transaction time.

You can accomplish this by simply clicking the Edit button on MetaMask when it asks for permission to set the gas fees. Then, check Gas Now to compare prices. Nett, determine how much you'd like to spend on gas, watch the price drop, and press the Confirm button! Simple right? And that simple trick can save you 20% or more on your gas fees. Trust me, that ads up over time. So stop suffering unnecessarily from high gas prices, alleviate transaction discomfort, and become a more advanced DeFi user. Try Gas Now today!



Gas Now works with your Ethereum wallet to help relieve gas pains. Gas Now uses Mempool® – the #1 investor-recommended ingredient for fast gas relief among OTC nodes. If you are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant, or are currently nursing, consult your physician before using Gas Now. If gas problems persist for more than two weeks, please seek medical attention.


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