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Rollercoin - Rollercoin Admin Notice - Issues with deposits & the Minerversary

After being fairly quiet the last few days after the event we've had a notice come out today from RollerCoin.

First things first - Feel free to just go to their website directly but if Rollercoin interests you I'd be very happy if you joined up with my referral link:

After the Minerversary III event a number of people had issues with deposits they were desperately trying to get into Rollercoin so they could get a Minerversary III.   They did announce that there were issues (2 May) and somewhat controversially they did respond to comments on their Facebook that if you were having issues with delayed deposits they would still help you get a Minerversary III so you didn't miss out due to issues in the back end.  That was unofficial really but today they made another announcement:


This featured on both their twitter and facebook pages but I've cut it from Discord as it seemed easier to see.

In short they have noted the ongoing deposit issues, particularly for ETH and USDT and have advised that if you did so they will compensate you with either a 10% RLT bonus or assist with the purchase of a Minerversary III (so much for a 1000 cap on that miner....).

While this doesn't really impact me directly (although those that do get a boost from Minerversary III will make it a bit harder on those of us without) it is good to know that when there are issues the Rollercoin team are trying to help people out.

That doesn't mean I'm not still disappointed at the event but C'est La Vie.....

Hope this helps keep you up to date on Rollercoin and that if you're interested in Rollercoin but not already on it you'll give it a go (hopefully with my referral code!)

And if you're interested in any of the other sites I've been working with links are below:

Have fun on your Crypto Adventures!


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