Rollercoin - An update on Miners

By Silver Crypto | Tales of the Crypt0 | 17 Apr 2021

First things first - Feel free to just go to their website but this interests you I'd be very happy if you joined up with my referral link (you'll get 1000 satoshi to give you a start if you do!)

So my last post was on a question I'd been asked a number of times - about Game Power and why it depleted.  I mentioned in that post that on the games screen there was a "new" part that showed you your Computer Power and how long your game power would persist & when you had to play a game to maintain your Computer Level.  I thought it was new and I was right - RollerCoin had made an update.  I should probably keep an eye on their Twitter (but I'm not much of a twitter person!).

Anyway what has that got to do with Miners? Well the update was was in their own words:

"Today we've released a handy update🔧⚙
The prices of racks and old miners are set in RLT for a more convenient shopping.
When we converted old BTC Satoshi prices to RLT, we have cut the price noticeably. The prices on old miners and racks have got more beneficial😄"

So what they have done is to make Racks and Miners all purchasable only via RLT and they are also cheaper.

For example, the best Mining Rack (shelves) previously cost 300 BTC Satoshi (in USD about $0.19) - Now they cost 0.15 RLT (approx. in USD $0.15) So a bit cheaper.

All of the Miners are now denominated in RLT with the cheapest now costing 2.60 RLT (for 1160GH/s of mining power).  Now I believe these are a bit cheaper than when they were in BTC Satoshi but I still think that it is only worth getting the biggest miners which will need 99.00 RLT.  I also would recommend being patient and waiting for a sale if you can (their St Patrick's Day sale gave a 20% discount and I wish I could have taken advantage of it!).

For reference the miner I'm aiming to get once I have enough RLT and hopefully at their next sale will either be an Event Miner (typically a better cost to mining power ratio - i.e. the Clover Lover from the St Patricks Day Event) or the "El Monstro" which 110,000GH/s for 99 RLT (no discount) or equivalent to around 100 Games!

So what do I think of the update - I think it makes sense - it means that their items won't "fluctuate" in value and will stay at a stable amount based on their internal coin, RLT.

Hope this helps keep you up to date on Rollercoin and as always, have fun and enjoy earning crypto and if you decide to get into Rollercoin I'd really like it if you used my referral link but don't feel any pressure to do so.


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