Casino Chronicles - Betfury - Quest for 100,000 BFG Week 45, Starbets Week 5 - Just grinding away


Betfury week 45- 

First things first - Feel free to just go to their website directly but if BetFury sounds interesting to you I'd be very happy if you joined up with my referral link:

To keep it simple, I'm trying to build my BetFury account to 100,000 BFG tokens with only what I've started off with and running the various programmes I've listed at the end.  No banking fiat currency just using what I'm earning online from my journeys in the world of Crypto.

Only one change - I've converted some of the accumulated staking rewards on BetFury into BFG so lets see what that has done in the metrics:

The metrics

BFG - 17471 to 19747 - Gain of 2,276 - A pretty big bump from converting accumulated USDT and ETH balances into BFG.  It does add up over time!


With the bump in BFG I should be getting more rewards and the calculator suggests this too - The rewards are not massive but they add up over time - in fact if you do the math based on the above - USD0.71 per day = USD 259 which over a value of USD 395 of BFG is a return of about 65% per year which is not too shabby and can grow over time as mine has.

What I'm doing:

No real change, I'm gambling more with my current auto-betting strategy which I've mentioned before.  It is fairly safe though I have busted through my at-risk balance once since I really started working it.

One note - the VAULT is your friend - what I do is rather than using the stop-loss feature I deposit funds over what the stop loss would have been into the Vault - i.e. if I want to risk 0.01 BNB then I'll deposit all except 0.01 BNB into the vault so I can never lose more than the 0.01 BNB I've put at risk.  This feels a bit safer than the BetFury Stop Loss.


Starbets - Week 5 - Still making progress

I haven't figured out any specific goals but still working my star token balance up.  Nothing much has changed in terms of process so lets look at the metrics:


Tron Balance - 1185 to 1298 TRX - a gain of 113 TRX in about a week, mostly from my own gambling.  That's not a bad increase.  While gambling is risky it seems to be going ok so far.

Star Token Balance - 2333 to 2548 STAR - Increase of 215 for the week - a solid gain but as referral earning have reduced it's not as impressive as the last few weeks.

Daily Dividends - 0.00000054 BTC and 0.34 TRX and 0.00002299 BNB - Dividends continue to increase. BTC down a bit, BNB up a bit, TRX about the same.  Cant complain - it's not that high yet but if I had the same amount of stars as I did BFG I'd be getting similar BTC and BNB rewards and more TRX rewards.

I am considering "Burning" some TRX (auto bet 1 trx at a time with a 95% win rate and no increase in bet) which could quickly boost my STARS balance but I haven't decided yet. At the moment we are about 75% of the way to the increase in difficulty so I'll make a call on this probably sometime around the 85% mark so I can take advantage of the easy mining at this stage of the platform.  I don't like the idea of burning the trx but it could be a good call in the long run as I'll be able to boost my STARS faster and have them earning sooner. I do have some BNB from referral earnings so I will probably burn that first - the BNB is a bonus whereas the TRX includes what I have actually invested.

Other Starbets News

No other news to note so thats a wrap - If you're interested in any other programs I've been working with links are below.


Rollercoin - free 1000 satoshi on signup

Betfury - cryptocurrency casino with free staking rewards

StarBets - cryptocurrency casino like BetFury with free staking rewards

Splinterlands - Play2Earn card game

Risingstargame - Free play2Earn idle game

Faucets and Mining

Cryptotab - Earn BTC while you browse

Cointiply - easy tasks, free crypto

FaucetCrypto - easy tasks, free crypto

Larvelfaucet - Login, click, free crypto for you


Biswap - crypto exchange

Good luck and as always, do your own research and gamble responsibly!  Dont risk what you cant afford to lose!

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