Chainlink reaches new ATH

Chainlink reaches new ATH

Chainlink has just experienced a hard pump to a new all time high of 4.19$ USD,




after volume we witnessed was highly concentrated to the past few days. I am constantly impressed by Chainlink, and many serious projects I see appear to be integrating it. Oracles will be a huge part of the future. Chainlink is going to be at the core, not just a nice to have. How Chainlink is still not top 10 is beyond me, there are so many coins ranked higher that are not very useful.

It's worth noting that this new ATH was achieved with much less volume behind it than was observed during the Google pump.


Back then, US customers still had access to purchasing Chainlink, that was changed afterwards with some legal changes, but again it is rising as new countries gain access to trading with their currencies, and word of the use cases of Chainlink spreads. What news do you think will pump it next?





"project oracle"



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