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In simple terms, just imagine the blockchain as a ledger of information. This “ledger” is a particular kind of record that is distributed and made available to all parties participating in a particular blockchain ecosystem. Through the use of Cryptographic techniques and some other cutting edge technology the encoded data within the particular Blockchain cannot be altered or tampered with. Hence, making the Blockchain a secure ledger of accountability that eliminates the function of a third party in the transactional operations between two parties or more.

The benefits of blockchain are numerous but basically in simple term blockchian ushers in decentralization, security, immutability and transparency. Businesses, startups and individuals are adopting the technology today not for anything but for it enumerable advantages. The innovation enhances efficiency, reduce costs and increase  accountability. Every individual transactions are stored in the blocks and verifiable by million computers involved in the chain. It is an all encompassing technology that is applicable in all area of human endeavor; production, Finance, public sector, agriculture, media healthcare, transport, education, entertainment, e-commerce, automotive, data delivery services and the list goes on. There are many features that we could delve into about blockchain but we just need to stop and forge ahead.

With the prior knowledge of blockchain as illustrated hitherto, I want to intimate you with the advent of a unique platform built on the blockchain architecture – AUTHPAPER; a decentralized digital platform for data delivery.

Of course,you must have being hearing about data delivery system; there exists a wide number of ways in which data is been transferred from one client to the other, however without much ado, the standard of the existing systems are fast becoming obsoletes. The existing data delivery system can not guarantee security and privacy of documents and credentials. In fact, over the years billions of dollars has reportedly been lost to document frauds.




Authpaper Delivery Platform is an innovation brought to fore by some erudite team to bring efficiency, trust, and security to data delivery system. Authpaper is a BT-based decentralized data delivery platform built on blockchain technology – Blockchain, BT, Cryptography and comtemporary technologies are merge together by Authpaper to build an effective peer-to-peer digital data delivery network that guarantees data security. As a matter of fact, only the recipient of data sent can read the data. Because data is encrypted by two encryption keys and no body can decrypt it but the original recipient.

Authpaper will remove the activities of third party and eliminate conspicious delay of data delivery. Huge data to the tune terabytes can be sent using Authpaper with out hindrance or arbitral costs. Authpaper will also give incentives to peers for delivering data to recipients and for parting to the running of the platform with good will.

Majority of the prevailing digital delivery system are centralized, Authpaper is coming with a decentralized system that will ensure a confidential data delivery except otherwise specified by the recipent. With Authpaper data is verifiable anytime any where by millions of computers involved in the chain.

The native token of Authpaper is AUPC. It is an Erc-20 Token runned on the ethereum platform. Tokens (AUPC) will be used for various activities on the platform and also tradable on Exchanges when listed. Authpaper is currently running its ICO phase, you can explore the links provided below for more information:







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