Prospectors...Why Coffee is so Helpful



The Basics of Coffee



Coffee is one of the basic resources used in Prospectors.   When coffee first appeared there was no use for it.  There were no tools to collect it.  All of it was collected by hand.  People had it and knew it would become valuable someday.




Lo and behold...the coffee industry was introduced to the EOS/Wild West server only.  Actually, the industry itself was introduced to WAX/Yukon as well, but no coffee beans were available there.  But people built infrastructure anyway.  And now, the railroad has connected the two worlds and goods can be transported back and forth.




And now you can get a cup of coffee in both lands.  Yay.  But why would you wanna waste your gold on coffee?  I mean, this is a slow paced game...why rush?


Believe it or not...there is good reason.  And the horses and donkeys that have arrived are even more valuable.  


These are the speed boost items.  They allow you to get places in half the time for coffee and even faster for donkeys and horses.




The first major benefit is of course if you are in a hurry.  Maybe you wanna beat someone to a high paying job.  Maybe you need to get to the train station before the next load goes out.  Maybe you need to clear a lot before the rent expires.  These are all obvious examples.


The next big advantage is for jobs.  When you go into your character screen, you can search for jobs based on the tools you have and your location on the map.  But you can only search a limited area.  But with coffee your search covers 4x the area as you can move twice as fast in any direction.  With the horse you can look at all the jobs on the entire map!  So you have access to more choice and higher wages.  


Free Tip Time...


You can search the larger area while having your coffee equipped, then unequip your coffee before you take off to that location...just remember or note where it is.  Then you are just using the coffee for the search...and it will be good FOREVER.  1 cup of coffee goes a long way in this situation.


But there is good reason to drink that coffee.




It is true.


  But there is far more to it than that.  


So here is the number 1 reason why you should use coffee.


To extend the life of your wagons and carts.  Good money can be made doing transport jobs when you have a wagon or cart.  And with coffee you can do them twice as fast so you can get more minutes of work in...which is just one of the ways it pays.  The life of a wagon is 200 hours.  If you use it with coffee it is still 200 hours...but can go double the distance.  So it is basically doubling the life of the wagon.  And those things are expensive.  But they last a long time.


Tip # 2

A cup of coffee is good for 5 hours.  But it can be extended.  Let us say you have used up 4 hours and 50 minutes.  You only have 10 minutes left, right?  Amazing enough...that last sip of coffee will still allow you traverse the entire map in half the time.



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