Prospectors...To Premium or Not To Premium...That is the Question


Prospectors...Should I buy Premium?



Let's start by saying everyone plays the game a bit different. I cannot say for sure whether you should do premium or not as everyone has different playing habits and focuses. I can give you a bit of the numbers and a couple of scenarios to help you decide.

What's the cost?

Premium cost $5 for Wild West and $5 for Yukon. That amounts to about 270 PGL or 270,000 Game Gold. For Boomtown you will only have to pay premium once for the entire 2 months. I am assuming it will be $5 but I have not had confirmation.

What do you get with premium?

First and foremost you get a certificate.  You will retain that certificate even if you allow your premium to expire!


energy without certificate


energy with certificate




Without premium you will have to buy this as soon as you can. It gives your workers the ability to work 300 minutes instead of just 60 at a time. You still have to rest for half the amount of time as you have worked. It also gives your workers the ability to work with gold.  It is the most important thing to get in my opinion.


energy with premium


Now with Premium your certificate actually allows you to work for 420 minutes at a time. It also allows you to replenish all of your energy in 1 minute. Normally you would work and rest half the amount of time EVEN with the certificate. So instead of a max 12 hours in a day you can work a max 23 hours and 57 minutes in a day. If you do it all perfect.


Can you make $5 or more in a month to pay for Premium?

This is the magic question. Here's perfect world math.

1400 minutes a day @ 4 Gold Per Minute in WW and 6 GPM in Yukon. If you have the tools.   1400 x 4 = 5600 Gold Per Day per worker = 16800 in the West.             1400 x 6 = 8400 x 3 = 25200 Gold Per Day.

270,000 divided by 16800 = just over 16 days in the West

270000 divided by 25200 = almost 11 days for Yukon.


Also, your tools will deteriorate.  They have a lifespan of 6000 minutes.  Basically you are looking at between .5 and 2 gold per minute to pay for your tools.


pickaxe lifetime


You will also have to take into consideration whether you will start with nothing or add a few dollars to buy your first set of tools and certificate.  For about a ten cents you can get a basic set of tools.  You can get a set of tools and certificate for about fifty cents or a dollar.  Add another fifty cents if you want carts and a dollar if you want wagons.  It is a much slower start without starting with basic tools, but it can be done.


So, realistically, it will take you between 18 and 20 days to pay back your premium.  I I estimate your profit for a month on premium to be about 1300 minutes per day per worker for a total at a wage after expenses of 4GPM=15000 Gold per day.


So the 150,000 gold in the remaining 10 days would be your profit.


Well how much would I make without premium?


If you play it right you could have your first set of basic tools with no money added within a day...but it could take a week.


Let us say you are now making 3 gold per minute after considering the cost of tools.  You can work 60 minutes then rest 30 minutes and start working again.  In theory, you could work for just over 15 hours total a day.  That is 900 minutes times 3 gold per minute for a total of 2700 gold per day.  With 3 workers that gives you 8100 per day.  Let's be more realistic and say you are making 6500 Gold per day.  6500 times 30 days = 195000 gold per month if you are dedicated.


But after 10-20 days you will be able to get your certificate.  So now you will be able to work 300 minutes at a time.  Then rest 150 minutes.  In theory, the same 15 hours total as above.  In reality, you will make more.  Let us say you can now make an average of 3.5 Gold per minute.  You will have less travel time and be able to hold your jobs better.  You will also be able to get 3 shifts Plus in per day.  So now you are looking at 900 minutes times 3.5 GPM = 2700 per worker = 8100 total.  Now 8000 per day is realistic.  So 8000 x 30 = 240,000 Gold per month. 


So, in the second month and thereafter, you could profit more without a premium as you could with a premium account.  But this is just for basic nomad existence.


There is far more to consider if you want to do run a shop or a supply chain.  


Remember, this is near perfect world reality you will likely be about 25% less than this at best.  But can make your money back if you are dedicated.


If you are a very casual is likely not worth it if you are trying to earn crypto. 


If it is more about enjoyment, then it could be worth it for the added options it gives you. 


If you are running multiple lots with shops and orders, then it is a necessity.


Would I recommend getting premium?


I have premium in the Yukon because I run quite a few shops there.  As of this writing I have 12 lots.  3 are shops for my coffee chain.  A cart factory is helping me get ready for Boomtown.  The rest are mines or lots waiting for time to run out. 






In the West I used premium for a month during right after the rail was launched but have just let it run out.  It is still close for me in the West.  As of this writing I have 5 lots in the West.  Only 2 are producers but I am moving a bunch of stuff around.  I am making it work for now though.




Many enjoy the nomad game.  In which case, premium is not necessary.  Although, it will make it more enjoyable during the first month. here's my take on it.  If you like math and complex games, then you will likely enjoy this one and should just consider starting with premium for the first month unless you simply cannot afford it.  In which case, make some friends in the game or grind it out for the first month. 


If you wanna check in with the game once per day, it is not worth it to get premium.  Unless you go in with the mindset that $5 is not much to waste on a game.  In which case, you would actually be better off just putting that $5 into certificate and tools and skip premium.  For $5 you should be able to get a certificate and starter tools in both the Wild West and Yukon maps.  Be sure to check the job board before deciding which tools you need.


check the job board


It might also be good to make sure you have the wallet and the interface all figured out and decide that you actually like the game before you drop any cash on it.


Now...if you are ready to check in at least twice a day...even 3 times...then it is still a close call.  I would recommend it to all who decide they enjoy the game for the first month. 


After the first month it would depend on how much business you are doing.   If you are running a couple shops then you can likely do well without premium.  If you start running more than 2 or 3 shops you may find yourself needing to post more orders or place more items on the market then you are allowed.  You are only allowed 10 of each without a premium account.  Premium give you 25 of each and that is enough to run several shops and mines at the same time.









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