Take back control!
Take back control!

Take back control!

When I started working as an IT consultant, I barely knew what a server was. So I practiced on my own time, helping my "professional life" and vice versa. Then, one thing came to my mind: reinviting the wheel is a good thing. It allows you to learn and take back control - on your data or even your life. Over time, taking back control became an everyday challenge. And 3 enablers help me to reach it: the Blockchain tech, personal finance and Open-Source. I want share my tips about those.

Host your first Fully decentralized, censorship-resistant website with ENS & IPFS

8 Jan 2022 4 minute read 7 comments Magic_Pickles

Currently, most of the Web we are consuming day to day is not decentralized. Some hosting providers, governments or outage could censor it or even remove it permanently from the Internet. That's why we need Web3. Web3 is all about decentralization an...

How I hacked an Ethereum hacker (and how you can do it also)

4 Sep 2021 4 minute read 16 comments Magic_Pickles

TL;DR I've made a simple script that steal ETH from an Ethereum thief that would like to steal your tokens. It is hosted here on github. Run it on a 24/7 Ubuntu server to watch a corrupted address and collect passive incomes from generous greedy peop...

Earn money with your unsued HDD: Is Storj worth it? (STORJ token)

31 Aug 2021 10 minute read 4 comments Magic_Pickles

Disclaimer: This reflects my own point of view. This is not an investment advice. Do your own research. You are free and encouraged to share your (opposite) opinion with me in comments section if you are able to discuss in a peaceful and respective m...

Storj: A comprehensive story of moving a node from Europe to Canada

2 Aug 2021 12 minute read 4 comments Magic_Pickles

Just a word I've been using Storj as a Storage Node Operator since about 2 years now. Few months ago, I had this project of moving to another country. Because of a lot of constraints (including Covid-19 restrictions), this move would have impact the...